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Big Bro

Rope Camp Memories continued…

Once Phoenix flew away, the group transitioned outside. In a funny turn of events, Dov ended up beating a woman with his Rope Camp water bottle because she called him Gramps. “This needs to be a new fetish; water bottle beatings, especially with the water, cause you get 75% more beating.”

This was all fun and good, but I was trying to encourage Murphy away from the cabin. We needed to go for our supply run, and we were already late to leave because Murphy kept getting distracted. I did manage, with the help of his friend, to wrangle him into my car.

Using my fancy phone, I found a Target and a Walmart right next to each other, and headed in that direction. On the way, both of my passengers fell asleep, the exhaustion of camp starting to set in.

Unfortunately, Walmart didn’t have anything on my two lists. I did impulse buy a Kit Kat, but that doesn’t count. Murphy purchased supplies for the creation of Slut’s award, the idea that it would be given to her after her takedown. Looking at my two lists, we realized we needed to go to a gas station.

On the way out of Walmart, Murphy and I chatted, and he offhandedly said, “You can just call me Daddy.” I stopped him right there. I then informed him, indeed, I couldn’t call him Daddy because I was, in fact, looking for my Daddy, and he wasn’t him.

“I haven’t met him yet, but you’re not Daddy.”

This seemed to shock Murphy a bit, I suppose because it was an unexpected reaction. I started thinking.

He could be my… hmm. Well, he’s my bro. We’re cool. We get along. We do stuff together.

“You know what, Murphy? You’re my Big Bro. You do stuff that’s gonna put me in therapy, but I love you to death. And maybe we’ve crossed the line of what’s appropriate, but I love you anyway. You’re my Big Bro.”

We quickly swung by a gas station, purchased Darian & Gray’s supplies, and made our way back to camp.

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