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Rope Camp Memories continued…

As Gray hovered close to Cabin Meat, he asked her if she found him intimidating. She, in fact, did. Gray then turned to me, and asked me the same.

“Yeah, sometimes.” He grabbed me by my tie, pulling me close, his face a breath away from mine. Gray asked again. I let out a breathless yes.

Murphy, by my side the entire time, commented, “You know what’s intimidating? Doing the Care Bear hug.” Gray looked at him quizzically. 

Murphy reached from behind me, placing his head on one of my shoulders, his arms encircling me; the care bear hug. Murphy then moved me forward, and beckoned Gray to try it. Gray hugged me from my front, his head on my other shoulder, both boys now completely encircling me. I didn’t know how to react, other than to giggle.

With their affection finished, Murphy wasn’t sure if it was intimidating anymore. Murphy grabbed me by the hair and asked if his current action was intimidating. Gray, who looked on, said it wasn’t. In fact, he said I looked pre-orgasmic. Wrenching me from Murphy’s grasp, Gray turned me around and pulled my hair as well, showing Murphy his previous view. Murphy agreed with Gray’s assessment.

Murphy then began hitting me from the front while Gray hit me from behind. They then flipped me around again, switching targets, but continuing with their blows, each man punching me, rocking my body this way and that.

Murphy mentioned, “Yah know, there is something softer we could be hitting.”

Gray pulled open my shirt, quickly unbuttoning and pulling it off of my shoulders. He started punching my boobs, and then decided to rip off my shirt completely. Finally understanding what was going on, I quickly took off my glasses and threw them aside onto my shirt, which had ended up on the edge of the stage. Gray, with two quick snaps, unbuttoned my bra and flung it off to the side, as well. My black tie, however, stayed on. The boys continued to assault me from all sides.

Once again, Big Bro had an idea. “Yah know, there is a better spot on people of color that you could be hitting.”

Gray pulled down my skirt, bent me over, and commenced punching my ass.

Murphy mentioned how he liked to leave marks. His nails against my skin, Murphy scratched the top of my left boob. Gray said he also liked to leave marks, but he liked to use tools to do it. He went to his toy bag, which I’d laid out for him earlier, before the circus had started.

Gray grabbed a small bat, and talked about how he didn’t need much effort to give a lot of pain with it. Murphy placed his hands on the front of my shoulders, and braced me as Gray hit me from behind.

Gray then reached down, and started fingering me. He remarked on how wet I was already. As my body’s ecstasy swelled, and I could feel an orgasm growing, I asked permission to cum. The boys said I had to ask God for my pleasure. “Oh God, Oh God, please.”

As Gray continued to finger me, I started cumming, the waves of pleasure racing through my hips and down my thighs. As my ecstasy subsided, Gray removed his hand from my pussy and inserted his fingers into my mouth. I licked my juices off of him happily.

Continuing their mirrored actions, Murphy reached his hand down to finger me, as well. Once again, I asked if I could cum. Murphy said I had to get permission from Gray. I begged, pleaded to Gray, and, thankfully, he let me. Murphy, though, said I had to scream out my title, scream out NYR Cabin Bitch for Life so the whole Dungeon could hear me. With orgasm number two surging through me, I did just that.

Gray grabbed me by my hair again, and pulled me up onto the stage. He ordered me to hold onto the aluminum ring and to not let go. He bent me over, my ass sticking out. Both boys remarked how good my ass looked, which pleased me.

Gray started using his flogger, which compared to the bat felt like a rough massage. I loved the thud of the soft leather. Unfortunately, he brought out the Brat bat again, and wailed on my ass once more. Somehow, I knew I would not get off so easy.

The boys tied my wrists to the ring, and Gray began fingering me again. As my third orgasm grew, the boys felt a small competition had started in the Dungeon. Multiple scenes were happening at once, with many subs and bottoms screaming. The boys wanted me to scream loud enough to out yell the others around us. I came, and I screamed.

Finished with giving me pleasure, I was to receive yet more pain. Gray pulled out his cane, saying it was time for them to leave marks. I was going to receive fourteen strokes, one for each person in the cabin, to be evenly divided between the two boys.

Gray started, lashing my ass three times. With each stroke, I thanked him for his kindness. Murphy, in turn, gave me three more.

From the beginning of the scene to the very end, the boys kept talking back and forth, pinging off of each other. Gray once mentioned how I probably thought the scene wasn’t going to happen, and that that would make them liars. He asked me if I thought they were liars? I desperately said no.

He also noted how, because of this blog, I was probably already writing the post about the scene in my head.  Well, kind of…  Some of the time, yes.  Most of the time, no.  You guys were quite distracting.

With each stroke of Gray’s cane, I was ordered to count. As I counted, Gray got a little confused by my method, as I totaled their strokes individually instead of combined. Testing me, he asked if I knew the overall total. I said I did, noting that in college I was briefly a math major. Gray then asked if that made me smarter than him, seeing as he was a dance major. I exclaimed that of course he was smart, saying all dance majors were smart.

“If you were a math major, what’s the square root of eleven?”

“The square root of eleven is the square root of eleven.”

Murphy sighed, “Yeah, she’s right.”

“Well, what’s the square root of twelve?”

“Two times the square root of three.”

Murphy again sighed, “Yup, she’s right.”

Finally, each had gotten to their last stroke.

Gray took one side, Murphy the other. With their final flourishes, they lashed my ass one last time. I will not lie: their attention was difficult to take. I even cried a little, a very good sign. I was happy to be co-topped by them.

At the end of the scene, the boys started tickling me. They had both experienced my giggling fits before, where I am unable to stop myself, lost in the playful painful haze of endless laughter. Thankfully, this didn’t last long.

The boys let me down. Murphy stroked my hair. Both of them hugged and comforted me. “You’re our Cabin Bitch for life,” Murphy began. “We claim you.”

As I was coming down from my high, I realized Gray lashed my left cheek, and Murphy hit the right. Left cheek, right cheek. Left cheek, right cheek. If you know the song, you’re probably black or really like hip hop music. Booty Wurk was instantly stuck in my head, and I started laughing again.

Gray instructed me to go into his toy bag and pull out the dark chocolate, yet more Ghirardelli. We shared the treat between us three. As we enjoyed our sweetness, a bottom came on stage and asked for some, as well. We popped a piece it into their mouth, and they happily scurried away.

As the boys walked off, Ammre showed BendyYogaGirl how to do a trick on the aluminum loop. If you flip your body up just so, your weight will rest on the back of your hips and it will look like you’re floating. After Bendy successfully performed the maneuver, I tried it. The best way for me to do it, as Ammre instructed, was to just have faith and flip.

So, I did. I was instantly cackling. It was amazing. Flipping back down, my head was deliciously floaty. But just as I was about to walk away, Ammre told me Gray was coming back over and I should do it again. Once again, full of faith, I flipped onto the ring and showed Gray. Murphy, who was still with him, took a picture, which is now featured on my FetLife page.

Back down on the ground, I was high beyond measure; I was gone. I sat on the edge of stage, blissfully floaty, as Gray came over to chat. We watched Celeste self suspend inverted, and jack off Slut with a Hitachi, as the favor was reciprocated.  That night was a good night for many at camp.

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