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Easy Button

Some kinky handles are awesome names. Some are boring names. Some make no sense. The great ones, though, describe the person quite well.

Have you met PyroSadist?

Well, I have. I officially met him at Summer Camp this year, though I’d known of him for a year. At camp, we loosely made plans to play, but as per usual at kink events for me, I got busy, and we never got around to having our scene.

So, when strolling through the vendor hallway, and happening to find him in one of the vendor rooms, I was quite pleased. He sat on an ottoman, at just the right height that when I hugged him he nuzzled his face in my chest. Of course, I giggled, and hugged him harder.

I then gave him my customary warning, “Just so that you know, I never break hugs first.”


You know, sometimes I probably should keep my mouth shut.

With Pyro’s face perfectly positioned in my cleavage, he began biting my right boob. I yelped, and then whimpered as he bit harder, seeing how far I would go. No, I didn’t stop hugging him.

A woman, I think his partner, who laid on the bed behind him, commented that I was a cute little toy who made fun noises. I must admit, at one point, while Pyro continued to bite me, I almost came just from the pain.

When he paused, the first time, we all marveled at his work: a small nickle sized bruise starting to form.

People walked in; people walked out. A friend of his came by and hugged him. I moved from his lap; he pulled me back over, saying that was no excuse for me to leave.  I showed off his initial work.

So what did Pyro do as I displayed his gift? Of course he bit me, again. I yelped, again. And moaned, again. And he stopped for us all to look at it, again. It had grown from a nickle to a quarter.

NYRCampSlut, who was strolling in the vendor area with me, decided she wanted to contribute. She then pulled out her pinwheel and ran it across my bruise. Our friend Alice, who also roamed with us, decided she wanted to slap my face. Pyro’s friend got up off the bed and began thrusting her hips against my ass. She flippantly made a comment about getting her strap-on, but never fulfilled the tease. But oh, I wanted her to.

When Slut had to run, of course Pyro’s teeth found my breast, again. I had already started grinding on his knee. Wearing boxer shorts as my only bottoms, I could feel how wet I was, and suspected Pyro could too. I almost came at least three times as I both rode his knee and cocked my ass back to stimulate his partner.

When he finally let go once more, the raise area was larger than my actual nipple. He joked he wanted to pierce that, too.

Alice soon had to leave as well, though. And it was getting late. We all had plans for the evening.

I was sweaty and horny, but happy. I hugged Pyro again, the big bear of a man with his strong arms around me, comforting me after inflicting such sweet pain.

Later that evening, when I showed NYRCampSlut my bruise, she poked it and dubbed it my ‘Easy Button.’

“See, cause it’s so easy to play with.” Poke Poke Poke.

Impromptu scenes at events… Oh how I love being a slut.

[Side note: Here is a picture of said Easy Button taken today, two days later.]

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