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Lew’s Stories

Rope Camp Memories continued…

Lew continued his class, explaining and demonstrating simple predicaments. Using Drea for his bidding, Lew tied her into two different scenarios.

First, he showed the simple hogtie. He explained, once the person was in this position, the challenge would be getting them to fetch an object. Lew brought out some white nylon rope and bound Drea. We watched as she initially positioned her hands to try to give herself more wiggle room when Lew was finished. However, since Lew knew Drea;s tricks well, he adjusted her wrists down her back, eliminating the extra room she had hoped to create. He then tied her ankles together and secured her wrists to them. As she wiggled and squirmed, when it became to easy for her to get out of the rope, Lew first adorned Drea with a ball gag, then put electrical tape on the ends of the rope. This was a rather nasty set of tricks, making it impossible for Drea to slip out.

Next, Lew spoke about ice & key predicaments, where the top locked the bottom with cuffs and the key was encased in an ice cube above the bottom. For them to get out, the bottom had to either wait for the ice to melt or encourage the process along. There was a suggestion from the class of also turning the predicament into water torture, placing the cube above the bottom’s head so that each drop fell on them. CabEx, ever full of mean ideas, suggested instead of using water for a predicament, one could freeze the key in hot sauce.

Lew then described, and demonstrated, the short leg predicament. In it, Lew tied Drea’s thighs to her ankles, and tied her wrists above her head, using the swing set’s frame as his arch. Lew noted, especially for this predicament, health issues were a factor. Drea’s shoulders, knees, and wrists were heavily strained.

The especially nasty part of this predicament was the total lack of any relief. If Drea tried to rest her wrists, her legs hurt. When she tried to save her legs, her wrists were strained. She danced about, trying to get herself out. She was able to get a swing down to sit for a moment, but it only gave minor relief. When she used her teeth to untie the rope, Lew gagged her again. Soon, her legs were shaking, Lew’s favorite part. He untied her enough that she was able to get herself out.

While Drea removed ropes from both of her predicaments, and in between his ties, Lew launched into his many stories. His first was a particularly sneaky predicament. Lew tied the bare wire end of an electrical chord to a woman’s nipple rings. Next, he balanced a two-by-for across her elbows, holding two cups of water. Then, he “plugged” in the chord, and began fucking her. She was careful to balance the water, scared of the possible electrical shock. As she came, Lew “mistakenly” bumped the wood, spilling the water on her. He was sure she came harder in that moment then she had ever before.

Lew next spoke about a particular tie that pitted one bottom against another. Lew tied two subs down. One had to hold their leg up. The other laid under a knife, held high above, attached to the string on the first bottom’s leg. If the first bottom let their leg drop, the knife would fall. Once again, her leg shook and could take no more. When it did drop, the knife fell, but stopped six inches above the second bottom’s face.

Lew also described a fun predicament great for sex. First, he tied his bottom’s legs off to the side of the bed. Next, he tied her waist she could only go up but so far on the bed. Then he tied her arms above her so she could only go down so far. She was stuck in a constant push and pull, where she could never get comfortable, but was optimal for him screwing her off the edge of the bed.

My favorite set of stories Lew imparted were his Hitachi predicaments. The most simple, and possibly the most hilarious, was a hogtie and a Hitachi thrown in the middle of the room. Even he was impressed by how far his bottom would go to find a way to get the Hitachi to a wall outlet and get them self off.

Lew spoke more about his devious predicaments with this favored toy. One had his bottom tied, able to arch their back, but the Hitachi was positioned at a teasing height. It was just low enough that the bottom could reach it, but not so low that they would be able to apply enough pressure to get off. Another simple one: he plugged the Hitachi to a Clapper. Another: he plugged the Hitachi to a dimmer switch.

As the class progressed, I caught a glimpse of Gray roaming around on his DM shift. He ended up swinging through the class, and watched some of it. We made eye contact; I smiled at him and he smiled at me.

Later, Gray asked Lew what were his three biggest fetishes. Lew’s answers: bondage, high heels & ball gags. Gray called these “the holy trinity of fetishes.” Lew, in turn, was overjoyed that he had found a person who shared his loves, down to waiting til the very end to take off her ball gag each time she freed herself from his ropes. “As long as she’ll have me, I’m with her.”

Gray slowly meandered his way over, and came up behind me. In the simplest of cute gestures, he stepped on my foot. I looked up and smiled again, but made myself go back to paying attention to class. I didn’t want to be too flirty with Gray while he was on his shift, but in my mind I kept thinking, We should totally do some of this. Can we do some of this?

Just then, Murphy walked down from his class, which apparently had ended a bit early. Gray walked over and met him. They both chatted, proceeding over the lawn towards the cabin.

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