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One Two Punch

Rope Camp Memories continued…

The last moments of my last night at Rope Camp were difficult.

Yes, I had had an amazing scene with Murphy and Gray. I was high from all the attention, not to mention the aluminum ring. Later, I had time alone in my rope, dancing in a frame all by myself, meditating in the moment. There was plenty to be happy about.

However, nothing in this life is perfect, and eventually you come down from the high.

After dancing in my rope, I settled on a mat to journal. I had plenty to write about (see above), and knew this would take a spell. I intentionally positioned myself facing the door to the Dungeon, wanting to not be distracted.

As the night wound down, Gray came over and asked if I would bring Murphy’s things back to the cabin. Apparently he’d left some on the stage from the circus. I of course said I would. Gray then informed me he would not be sleeping in the cabin that night. He needed quiet to rest and his back was still in great pain. That was the last time I saw him that evening.

After he left, I grabbed Murphy’s things and placed them beside me on the mat. Soon after, Murphy, along with Dov, showed up to retrieve the items. I wasn’t finished writing, though, so I stayed behind, still resting on the mat, as they headed back to the cabin.

It soon grew late; the Dungeon was almost empty. Darian, the taxi driver for the night, came in and asked if I needed a ride. I told him I was okay and would just walk. He then asked if I wanted one more entry for my journal. He pulled out his cock and I began giving him head.

Though he is a beautiful man, though his cock is gorgeous, and though he fucked my face and made me gag, I was not completely fulfilled by our interaction. Darian did not react, at all, to my manipulations.  No signs, no moans. I had no idea how I was doing, if he was enjoying it.  It wasn’t until later, after camp, when we spoke at a Happy Hour, that he informed me he does not give vocal feedback during oral. He had, in fact, enjoyed my work, and praised my skills. But until I got to talk to him, about four days later, I felt like I had done him a disservice; I thought I had given him a bad blow job.

Once we finished, Darian walked with me back to cabin 1/2. It was evident as soon as I entered that the entire cabin was down. Everyone lumbered around, tired, sleepy. I had missed Slut’s takedown, a muddy affair. Murphy and Dov were in towels, having just gotten out of the shower. Slut was passed out on her bed.

As I settled into the empty bed next to Murphy’s, CabEx informed me Gray would not be sleeping in the cabin that night. Coming from Gray’s lips earlier, the news had barely scratched the surface. Coming from CabEx, it felt like a annoying little jab in my side. I told him I knew, but thanked him for the consideration.

I sat on the bed, chilling next to Murphy as he worked on his computer editing photos. I journaled some more, recounting my time with Darian.

After a few minutes, Murphy looked up at me somberly. I asked him what was wrong. He said, quietly, that he wasn’t able to get to everything he had wanted.

I knew what he meant. I was not going to have my takedown.

I told him it was okay, I understood. I hid my hurt and disappointment.

As people lazily lumbered towards their inevitable crash for the night, a run to Waffle House was the last thing I wanted.  Around 2:30am, when Waffle House was officially nixed, I headed back to cabin 20. But I couldn’t sleep. Too many thoughts and emotions were swirling through my head.

So, instead of forcing sleep, I dropped off my things, carried just my notebook and a pen, and wandered around camp trying to find a place to write.

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