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All Wound Up: Classes —

Beginning My alarm was set for 4:30am, but my body decided to wake me at 3:30. I laid in bed, trying to snooze, but with little success. Slut laid next to me, out like a light. Occasionally she rolled over, and hugged and cuddled me in her sleep. Five minutes later, she’d roll back. Not […]

See Yah Soon —

~erotica~ Her pussy still pulsed as they slowly crept along in line. She pushed her bag forward, rested her jacket back on top of it, and returned to his warm arms. She loved the smell of him, the mixture of cologne and soap that was distinctly his scent. That was just one thing she would […]

Results —

I started as normal, tying a harness around my chest. People looked on, friendly heckling as they liked. Music was playing, so I danced a bit as I continued to tie. I moved on to my hip harness, winding my rope thrice around my middle. I attached to the bands on my hip, and wove […]

Comparison —

I have this nasty little habit: I look at other peoples’ lives and compare them to my own. Shit, let me be honest. I compare my everything to everyone else’s everything. And not just the cliche shit (body, job, car, house). I compare small things, like how jacked up my car is compared to most other […]

Mimosas in the Morning —

My final Rope Camp Memory…Around 7am, I awoke to lips against mine, a kiss pulling me from sleep. My eyes still closed, I kissed back, the thought of ill intent never arising. Our embraced ended, I heard, “Best Cabin Bitch Ever,” whispered to me. I opened my eyes in time to see Murphy’s dreads as […]

Think Of Him —

~erotica~ When I think of him, I first see his eyes, big and brown, soft and caring. They hide his true nature, the man I experience when we’re alone, the lights dim, my breath rushed. When those eyes are locked on me, there is no one else, nothing else in my world. Just me, him, […]

Think Of Her —

~erotica~ When I think of her, I first imagine her eyes. Blue, dark, almost cobalt. Striking. Engaging. They say more in a moment than I’ve ever spoken in words. Then I think of her hair, her raven mane, long and flowing, wavy and full. When we fuck, it goes everywhere. Everywhere. When she stands naked […]

Written Raw —

Rope Camp Memories continued… Written Raw, a poem My tears wait on the edges of my lids, permission for their exit pending. Overwhelming emotions, conflicting joy and sorrow, push and pull my heart to pieces. Hiding the tornado of feelings, my face gives the world a smile, or a grin, or a smirk, all lies […]

One Two Punch —

Rope Camp Memories continued… The last moments of my last night at Rope Camp were difficult. Yes, I had had an amazing scene with Murphy and Gray. I was high from all the attention, not to mention the aluminum ring. Later, I had time alone in my rope, dancing in a frame all by myself, […]

All The Reasons Why —

I didn’t get home til after 2am yesterday. I was tired and worked a 16hr day.  I was nervous and scared, being in the house by myself.  My brain goes to bad places when I’m alone at night. The time I planned to have today was evaporated by outside issues. My treadmill time this morning […]