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Rope Camp Memories continued…

I rushed over to Lew Ruben’s Predicament Bondage class, wanting to, as per usual, have a front row seat. However, when I arrived at the assigned cabin, no one was around. I waited for a few minutes, wondering which room he would choose and how he would setup the space.

When Lew & Drea showed up, they commented on the one hiccup I noticed for the class: the cabin was hot as balls. So, instead, they decided to teach outside. As people filtered in, we all transitioned over to the swing set, everyone carrying a chair pulled from the cabin. I wrote up a quick sign with an arrow pointing towards our new location, and scurried behind everyone.

Unlike my other classmates, I opted to lie on the ground, using my Zim jacket as a blanket. About a dozen people attended the class.

Lew first spoke about how there were no limits to what was predicament bondage. At its essence, it was ways to use bondage situations against people. Lew stressed creativity as the key to fun predicaments.

He noted it was good when subs tried to get out of their binds because it taught the top what to do to make it work. Creative and sneaky bottoms made tops work harder and be more imaginative. A good predicament bondage top found ways to adjust and problem solve on the fly. There was no way a top was going to think of every possible scenario to get out of their tie. Bottoms who freed themselves made their tops better because it forced the top to think more. Lew stressed topping in predicaments was all about the thought process.

Lew listed four things a top could use against their bottom: gravity, pain, exertion, and the mind.
Lew suggested playing a person a little at a time, to not go all the way to the extreme during your first scene. That way, you built and gained trust with each other.

Lew noted it was important to find out if the bottom was actually nervous during the scene. Some people wanted to be nervous, as this turned them on. Others couldn’t have fun if they were nervous. He said you needed to find out what type of person you were playing with and adjust your predicament to better suite each scene. Basically, you played off what the bottom’s likes were.

Lew stressed testing all of your equipment before you ever used it. You needed to know how it acted over time. He gave the example of a set of his nipple clamps. When first applied to Drea’s skin, they slipped off easily. As they stayed on the skin longer, they became tighter and more difficult to pull off. For a scene, this was important; if a top were to pull and tug on the toy, thinking it would come off easily, they could instead cause serious damage.

And now that I’ve teased you with Lew Ruben’s class, I will make you wait til tomorrow for the multitude of stories he imparted, including, but in no way limited to, Hitachi predicaments, using one sub against another, and the hardest orgasm one woman had in her life.

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