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Her pussy still pulsed as they slowly crept along in line. She pushed her bag forward, rested her jacket back on top of it, and returned to his warm arms.

She loved the smell of him, the mixture of cologne and soap that was distinctly his scent. That was just one thing she would miss.

“I can feel how warm your cunt is on my leg.”

“You made it that way, Sir.”

“I know. I just like telling you.”

He gripped her hair tight, then continued to massage her scalp. She held back her tears.

His hand slipped down to her ass, lightly brushing her cheeks. Earlier he had spanked her there, ferociously in fact. So much so that his soft graze made her ass ache. The bruises were already forming, a memory of him she would carry for a least a little bit while she was gone.

The line moved again.

She found his chest once more, but instead of her nuzzles, he kissed her softly, sweetly. His lips traced down from hers to her neck, sucking gently at first, then harder. She controlled her breathing, trying not to draw attention as he marked her neck. He finished by using his teeth; she quickly suppressed a gasp before the rabble around her noticed. Pleased with his work, he draped her long hair over her neck, a modicum of modesty as he burned for her body next to his.

They had arrived too late to sneak into a bathroom. But, to be fair, their delay was due to their last fuck, an extended quickie, after they’d already screwed for hours the night before. She wasn’t even sure she’d slept last night, just stared at his rising and falling chest as he rested, maybe for two hours.

They were both sweaty messes in the morning, the dew of sex hanging in the air, condoms filling the waste basket. They just needed to get one more in. Just one more fuck. Just one more cum. She made him, or at least she thought she did, waking him up with a blow job as the sun peaked through their window.

He gripped the back of her head and pushed her down further, then up and down quickly, fucking her face. Nice and warmed up, he flipped her over, felt around for one of the last condoms, got it on quick, and rammed himself into her. She flipped her hair back when she gasped as he entered her, a move he loved to incite.  She pushed back just as hard on his dick as he thrust into her hungry cunt. She was already sore from the night before. Their morning interlude would only extend the dull ache inside her.

She screamed, came, and screamed more as he did not stop, did not quit, did not dare cease fucking her, knowing this would be the last time his cock would enjoy her pussy for a month.

When his nut grew near, he pushed her off of him, ripped off the condom, and fucked her face yet again. She swallowed him as far as she could, then gagged, encouraging his cock deeper into her throat. She swallowed his cum as he slammed his dick into her mouth and growled.

She could just barely call up the taste of that cum as she stepped up to the counter, and received her boarding pass.

They walked towards security. This would be it, the goodbye.

She could feel the tears burning in her eyes, could feel them wanting to break, but still held them back.

“I will call once I land and give you the phone number of the suite once I get checked in.”

He gripped the collar of her sweater, pulled her in close, and ravaged her with a kiss. For a moment, she felt far away from that airport, far away from her job and responsibilities. She felt right back in their bedroom, the dew of sex still in the air.

And at once, their embrace ended, she was back. But not for too long. His lips found her ear, then his teeth. His free hand warmed against her cunt, fingering her ever so wantingly.

“I’ll miss you. You know that right?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Will you miss me?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And what will you do for me, while you’re away?”

“Call ever night Sir, so that you can hear me as I come thinking of you.”

“Good.” With one last smack to her cunt, he turned her around, and pushed her off.

She didn’t dare look back, knowing his spell would be broken, her sexual high faded away. Instead, she concentrated on the pain on her neck, on her ear, on her ass, and in her pussy, and looked forward to her call that night from her hotel suite.

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