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My Sweet Banana —

“I love you, my sweet banana. That’s what my mother called you when you were a baby.” I was five months old when my grandmother died. I’ve seen photos, and have been told I look like her. I have no memory of her at all, though. The one lasting impression she left on me was […]

Comfort —

The scent of his hair lingered on her hand. The delicious smell wafted up her nostrils as she randomly rubbed her itchy nose. That scent, his scent, made her smile. There time together had been innocent. She’d gone to the party to relax after a stressful week at work. They’d known each other for some […]

Three Words —

Bravery. Forgiveness. Endurance. Life has a way of falling into place for me as of late. I wanted to write something thought provoking tonight, but lacked a topic…that is until I read my friend Graydancer’s blog. His latest got me thinking (again), and thus my entry started germinating. His latest blog, Word Up, talks about […]

Charlie & David (pt. three) —

I didn’t return to Happy Hour the next week. Or the following week. This was a delicate game and I wanted the boys to stew a bit. I waited an entire month, in fact, before I returned. And when I did, the room was abuzz with the tensions between the two men. It seemed my […]

The Morning After —

~erotica~ She awoke, no headache to speak of, but her throat was dry. She rolled over to grab her water bottle when it all came flooding back to her. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no! The company holiday party. Joining her boss and other coworkers on the back patio. They had cigarettes. He smoked a […]

The Hand —

There are toys to be played with, laughter to be sung out, and gift cards to cash in. Therefore today I give you all another story I wrote some years back. Enjoy. The Hand She lay in bed, trying to pretend everything was normal. The radio was on. Her boyfriend was next to her. She […]

Not Part Three —

It’s Christmas you perverts; did you really think I was going to have the time to be thoughtful and imaginative when I have family and roommates and presents (oh, presents) to handle. For fuck’s sake, I stayed up til 3:15am finishing one of the gifts I gave (a blanket that was suppose to have been […]

Charlie & David (pt. two) —

~erotica~ I don’t think anyone realized I had never seen them before, but I knew as soon as they walked in together who they were. The pair, the infamous duo, gracing our Happy Hour once more. Charlie wore a slightly wrinkled dress shirt, unbuttoned a few notches and without a tie, showing off his Asian-work-trip […]

Charlie & David —

~erotica~ Part One The two of them were a terror. No, a force of fucking nature. Charlie, with his easy manner, wandering and inviting eyes, boyish smile, and his oh so slutty ways. David, with his brooding attitude, intense knowing stare, and the ability to bring any and everyone to their knees. The two of […]

To Be Hers —

~erotica~ Her lips brushed my lips.  My neck.  Her tongue trailed down my sternum, catching my breath. The tip swirled around my belly button making me giggle. She smiled, then sunk her teeth into my flesh.  I gasped, and endured the pain. She dragged her teeth up and down my thighs, taking care to avoid my […]