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As She Slipped


As she slipped
into the sweet embrace of sleep,
her mind wandered on the thought of his hands.

She imagined them
gliding up her legs,
and gently pulling down her panties.

She felt them
softly part her thighs.
She visioned them
brushing her sensitive skin,
carefully scratching and caressing the delicate flesh.

Her mind floated
to the thought of his lips.
Light kisses on her thighs,
creeping a circuitous trail
towards their warm end
on her clit.

She mused on the thought of his tongue,
spelling out love poetry,
as she writhed to its slightest movement.

Her hands in his hair,
pulling his face in close.
Her moans of pleasure
as the warmth grew in her abdomen.

The sweet scent of her pussy juices
dripping from his mouth.

And that blessed surrender,
the agonizing ecstasy,
of fucking his face til she came.

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