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My FetFest started Thursday evening.

It was the first time I’d driven to New York. GoogleMaps said it would take me about five hours, so I sped. With my newly acquired Easy Pass, the first few states breezed by. And then I hit the New Jersey Turnpike…

After that particular torture, I took a tunnel and found myself in the Big Apple, slowed down by rush hour traffic, but in the city at 5:30pm, an hour and a half ahead of schedule.

I headed to the address where Murphy instructed me to meet him. I texted him of my early arrival, and circled the surrounding blocks a few times before finding a spot. With my things for FetFest packed in my trunk, the only item visible from the outside of my car was Winnie, my stuffed penguin who sat by the back windshield.

Out of the car, and happy to be moving my legs around, I half skipped my way to the house. I texted him I was outside. I waited.

After a time, I called. “I’m outside.”

“I know. You look sexy.”

“What? You can’t see me.”

“Still, I know you look sexy.”

He opened the front door and greeted me with a hug. He introduced me to his friend SwordSaint. All three of us departed.

As we walked, my smile hurt my mouth; I was so happy to be in the city and with Big Bro again. We stopped for impromptu ice cream and the boys explained their rules of padiddle to me. We hopped on the Subway and made our way to the sight of the Bomb.

I asked about NYC geography, and was soon confused. 

We scoped out the starting spot, making sure it would work. Satisfied that all was good, we headed to the diner. We ordered, we ate, and the people started streaming in.

I kept count as unfamiliar faces joined our ever growing group. The final headcount…40. Just about everyone who had ever participated in a Bomb attended this anniversary gathering. I had the sweet distinction of having this be my first rope bomb.

NYR Cabin was well represented, with Big Bro, myself, CabinMeat, CabinThug, and CabEx all in tow, and CabinElder due to arrive later.
Satisfied all possible participants were in attendance, we headed out. Murphy had us all shout out our names. He gave his bomb speech, and his CabinThug warning. (If you walked too slowly, CabinThug brought his whip.) We were off.

Once again, I was bouncy happy. As we walked, I chatted with Big Bro, congratulating him on the massive turnout.

At the first stop, Murphy gave everyone twenty minutes. We spread out like a web, with no one straying far out of sight. I, in error, left my rope bag in my car, thinking I would bottom that evening. Instead, there was a glut of willing rope bottoms, so I strolled around taking pictures with my iPhone. SwordSaint had Murphy’s camera and captured images as well.

At our second site, we encountered a small hiccup with the authority. We moved on.

At the third sight, we were fifteen minutes into our twenty minutes allocated before the authority circled back. They explained, with a crowd of our size, we needed a permit. With apologies, their point was noted for next year. We moved on, much farther away this time.

It was closing in on midnight. Ten minutes for this third stop. With no rope of my own, and no one to tie me, my eagerness had waned. I wanted, needed something to jolt me back.

Enter Hermes, who said he need assistance as I jogged behind him and his two demo bottoms. I explained I knew basic harnesses and offered my help. He asked for a chest harness. “Arms tied or free?” He asked for a hip harness. “With or without a crotch rope?” As he worked on one, I worked on the other. We had them up, photos taken, and down within the alotted time. My heart sang again.

With the group reformed, and some fallen off by the late night, we stopped for refreshments. I bought two bottles of Gatorade, chugged one, and sipped the second slowly. Our night was far from done. We moved on.

While chatting, I mentioned how I lacked rope and wanted desparately to tie. A guy offered both himself and his rope for my assistance. At our next stop, I felt a rush as I tied a carada on him.

At our fourth, and final, stop, I wanted to feel rope on my body. After tying the man again, this time in a predicament with CabinMeat, I decided to self suspend. With just a hip harness, the guy helped me up onto my hard point: the metal railing of a walkway.

With the ropes secured, I sat into the harness and leaned my body back, extending my arms above my head, my body arching towards the ground. SwordSaint captured the moment.

With 3am approaching, and exhaustion creeping in on everyone, the Bomb-iversay disapated like a sweet mist.

Murphy, SwordSaint, and I crashed back at the house where I’d initially met them. Murphy took the couch while SwordSaint and I snuggled on a mattress on the floor. I was tired, sleepy, and ready to pass out. SwordSaint comforted me and kept me warm as I drifted into a deep, but brief, sleep.

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