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Sweet & Gritty

Have you ever mixed cigar ash with pixie sticks? I have, to wonderful results.

Last night fortune smiled on me. Work finished incredibly early, as in 10:30pm, and I was able to make my way to Baltimore, where the Playhouse was hosting the Dirty Things party. I’d packed a toy bag, just in case I could actually make it, and found myself arriving for the get together, fully dressed in my work clothes, at 11:30pm.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the naked body of KnaveKarina. It seemed a bad bad man was teasing her so, not allowing her to close her legs when she came ever so close to a happy outcome. I hugged her, happy to see her once again, the first time since FetFest.

Making my way into the main play area, I was greeted this time by my Big Bro, who had made his way down from New York to stop by for the fun. Murphy sat with twixmebaby on the floor to his left. Slut sat in front of him, tied in an Ebby, as Bro abused her back. I was happy to be among my family and to have an actual Friday night (mostly) off. I disrobed down to my underwear and joined them on the floor.

After Murphy untied Slut, we all lounged about, happy to be in each others company. But, I had a nagging question. My main motivation for traveling to Charm City was Slut’s request to tie me up. After her scene with her Sir, I wondered if she still wanted to play with me in that manner.

Indeed, she did.

I fully disrobed, tucked my clothes into my toy bag, and removed my smaller rope bag, just in case other fun was to be had that night. I then sat in front of her, awaiting instruction.

She bade me turn around. Her lips close to my ear, she simply asked, “Hard or soft?”

“Hard.” Was there ever any doubt?

Slut began with hair bondage on my curls, which had been out and flowing all day. Cinching tight, Slut ran her cherry red cotton rope down my back and around my left wrist. After she had taken a moment to tie a cuff, she kept my mind on her as her teeth sunk into my arm. I yelped, surprised at the sudden pain. She also kissed and sucked on my neck. My mind remained there, on that floor, with her.

Slut next secured my right wrist, and brought the rope between my legs and around my right thigh. Slut had ordered me on my knees, to secure the rope around my leg, but now she began to push my back. I thought she wanted me to move forward, so I edged my way along.

“You’re going down.” Instead, she had wanted me on the floor. I leaned my body forward, not realizing until it was too late, that I no longer had my arms or hands to brace my fall. I landed hard on the floor, my face taking the brunt of my weight. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the fun outcome of my face meeting the floor.

No matter. I was not about to stop the scene.

Happy with her tie, Slut had me back in a crossed-leg position. She kissed my face, right at my rug burn, and then began her assaults. She punched my chest, slapped my thighs, and wove her rope around my nipple piercings. She then used these two new perky easy buttons to torture me further, twisting and pinching as she liked.

“Give me any color of the rainbow.” She kissed and pinched, pleasure and pain nothing new for me.

“Red.” I started to cry a little.

“Is that a red out?”

“No, it’s a red, as in my favorite color.”

“Good.” She continued with her assaults.

I began to wail, but not loudly just yet.

“I want to be the reason you cry. I want to hear you scream.” She continued to bite, punch, and slap me. Soon, the tears came. She licked the droplets from my face.

In a possible inadvertent move, she flicked at my left nipple, sending a surge of pain through me. I truly screamed, the excruciation overpowering any other sensation. I began to ball.

“If you want me to stop, you had better stop screaming.” But I couldn’t as she slapped the sensitive flesh of my inner thighs. I cried and wailed, and she loved ever moment of it.

Releasing my left and right nipple ropes, Slut began kissing me, her soft lips a salve to my pain. She slowly untied my binds with my head resting in her chest, the soft flesh of her breasts against my face.

My cries soon quieted. My breathing slowed. I came back from my sub space.

We cuddled, and Slut gave me Gatorade. I was floaty and happy. I was already quite pleased I’d made my way to Baltimore.

As I wondered what more fun I would get into, Lochai walked up to us. I greeted him with a hug on my knees. Delighted to see me, the subject of cigar play came up. I just so happened to have packed my cigar box and was more than happy to join Lochai downstairs for a smoke.

On the first floor, in a warm smoke scented room, Lochai sat on a couch while I rested on the floor. He had his own stash of cigars, but I showed him the ones I had to offer. Instead of smoking one of his, he gifted me a cigar and smoked one of mine. I unwrapped the cellophane, wet the end, cut it, and held my lighter as he puffed away.

Voodoo Princess, Lochai’s slave, sat right behind me, also naked on the floor, quietly watching. Right after Lochai began his cigar, DarianIlRe and his female companion walked in. They wished to partake in their cigarettes. As they pulled out their smokes, I offered my lighter for them.

Everyone chatted, the conversation meandering through polyamory, kink, porn, and hair.

Lochai, taking full advantage of his cigar, leaned in close to me. He slowly breathed out his smoke into my face. I inhaled a little, but mostly enjoyed the feel of his breath on my skin and the nearness of him. The second time Lochai came in close, as he finished his wisps of smoke, he sneaked a quick kiss. “Come on, I had to.” If I could’ve, I would’ve blushed.

As the ash on his cigar grew, I knew I would soon have a treat. Lochai, ready to dispose of some ash, had me lean my head back and stick out my tongue. He flicked the ash onto my tongue and I gobbled it up.

A female guest slipped into the room and sat beside Lochai. She did not understand why I enjoyed ash so. I explained I actually liked the taste, a sort of gritty and salt & pepper flavor.

Lochai spoke about how not everyone liked the taste, musing on how Emily did not enjoy that particular act. Even worse, there was something else she also didn’t enjoy. “You know what to do.”

Emily scurried over to the foot of Darian’s female companion. Reluctantly, she placed her tongue on the woman’s toe. Apparently, Emily hated feet. Lochai reveled in watching her squirm.

Her tortured ceased, Lochai once again had ash to give. This time, he broke it off in my hand and instructed me to spread it across VooDooPrincess’ chest. I then happily licked off the ash, performing my service with glee. VoodooPrincess seemed to also enjoy it, encouraging me to make sure I got every single fleck across her breasts, stomach, and especially her nipples.

Soon Darian and his companion needed to depart. But, before he left, Darian gifted me three pixie sticks and instructed me to give away two of them. The third was all for me.

So when I say I have enjoyed pixie sticks and cigar ash, you can understand why I say it was a lovely outcome. A pile of pixie dust and a lump of ash in my hand, I crush the mixture together and sprinkled it onto VoodooPrincess’ chest. I then happily licked it off of her, this time exploring her belly button as some of the mixture had made its way there.

Lochai, ever happy to aid in my service duties, kept providing me with ash. Once, I drew my initial on VoodooPrincess’ body with my tongue and saw them emerge when I sprinkled the sweet and salty dust. I also created a smiley face on her stomach in the sweet gritty mixture.

Eventually, though, VoodooPrincess had to depart. Her birthday was in a few days and she had been offered a scene as a gift. She scurried upstairs, but not before gifting me with a kiss, both with our lips and our noses.

However, she came back almost immediately. The person with whom she was to have the scene needed ten minutes. So, with a pixie stick to give, VoodooPrincess spread the sweet dust on my body, and licked and sucked it all off. Taking more than her allotted time, she did have to eventually go, but we enjoyed the sweet repreive she was given.

As VoodooPrincess left, SirRonC came in. He sat across from Lochai and they talked shop about cigars. As they chatted, Lochai presented his left foot, on which he wore an ankle high boot. I could even spot ankle braces for men on his foot, which was maybe due to an old pain that he suffers from. I politely asked if I could kiss his leather. He gave his permission.

I laid out on the floor, my face on his leather, and began kissing all over his boot. Once I’d loved on his one boot for quite some time, I sat up and he presented the other. I kissed and caressed his leather again.

As I laid, splayed on the floor, my face full of leather, I realized Ron and Lochai were talking about cigars but Ron did not have one. I offered some of my tobacco so he too could joy in the fun. He accepted my Acid Blondie, a short but satisfying smoke. With Ron, too, I unwrapped his cellophane, wet and cut his end, and held my lighter as he puffed away.

With his first ash, Ron flicked the lump into my hand. Lochai explained how I liked to eat ash. Ron said I could, by all means, eat the ash he’d given me. I said I would love to eat his ash, but asked if I could eat it out of his hand.

He presented his rather large palm to me. I poured the lump into his hand and, with one quick swipe, licked the remnants from my own hand. Before I began, Lochai explained to Ron that he should enjoy the experience much like when someone worships his boots.

Up on my knees, hands on my thighs, I gazed up at Ron, right into his eyes, and gave him a smile. I then ate my treat, softly licking and sucking his palm, happy to perform this service for him. He often said, “Oh, that’s nice,” as I caressed his hand with my lips.

Darian and his companion soon returned to our smokers’ circle. As Lochai mentioned some of the things Ron could do to or with me, Darian asked if I’d ever had ash in my ass. I said I had had it all over my body, including my pussy, but not in my ass. Darian suggested I act as his foot stole and, when Ron had enough ash, he could use my ass as his ashtray. How could a girl say no to that?

As I relaxed on the floor, with both Darian and Ron’s feet on my back, the group continued to converse. For a moment, I smiled, realizing how lucky I was that I was there. By all rights, I could’ve been at work, waiting for a party to end. I could’ve been home, sleeping, resting for work the next day (which is where I am right now, writing this). I could’ve been anywhere but there. I was happy life gave me this night of submission and service.

I never did get ash in my ass. People soon began filtering out. First Darian and his companion departed. As they left, Darian bent down and said how he missed seeing me. My life has been busy with work, and my social butterfly has felt quite stifled. I spoke about making an appointment for him to do my hair, and how I hoped to be out to a TNG Baltimore Happy Hour soon. He gave me a quick kiss before leaving.

Lochai left right after. It was getting late, and he needed to help clean up before kicking everyone out.

Ron and I were left for him to finish his cigar. He had one more lump of ash for me. Breaking it off into my hand, I asked if I could once again eat it out of his hand. He consented. I again took pleasure in caressing his palm, in licking and sucking every fleck of ash up. Once I finished, he leaned over, hugged me, and thanked me for providing my service. I was happy to have served that night.

Making sure all my cigar accessories were tucked away, I scurried back upstairs. I was greeted by Slut, who was fully clothed. Apparently it was after 2am, the official end time for the event. Looking at my face, she said I would definitely need cream to help it heal. I had not yet seen the damage from my tumble, but she said she would buy me a bottle of salve from a drug store on the way home. I redressed into my work clothes, which seemed awfully funny to me.

Then the hugs began. I embraced Murphy, as well as Lochai, before heading out with Slut and a wayward attendee in tow. After a quick stop at CVS, and Slut bandaging to my face, I dropped off both my passengers and finally climbed into bed around 4:15am.

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