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The last fumes of alcohol wearing off, and the more potent intoxication of sleepiness setting in, I thought I’d take a moment to think about what I’m thankful for. Since Turkey Day is a week gone from us, I think I will save the official Thankful blog for an evening where I am not so sleepy drunk.

For this post, I’m going to muse about what I am thankful for today/tonight.

I rather enjoyed NYRCampSlut sitting in my lap tonight. She hugged me, spilled her drink on me, and gyrated in a rather fun fashion. It was awesome to see her in what had been two weeks since Tied Down. It was especially nice that our time together was spent in such close proximity.

I appreciated talking about IMsL with ManKraken! and ElectricCupcake. Running down my current list of events, I have eight that I plan to attend, though that list may still expand (holy shit).

IMsL, of all the events I will be present for, is the most elusive in my mind’s eye. I have no feel for how it will be. I have never ventured to San Francisco. And, worst of all, I know it will be a burden financially. Still, I am looking forward to the adventure, and talking with the two of them about their past experiences helped energize me further for what is to come next year.

I love my kinky Happy Hour. It had been about a month, or more, since I’d last shown my face. I missed seeing familiar folks, missed the hugs, missed the love and affection freely and easily given and shown. I missed the loud conversations, very generous pours from the bartenders, and the fairly decent food. I was very happy to be back, and even plan to go next week as well.

Work didn’t suck. Yeah.

I am reading this book that is so full of rape, it is ridiculous. And yet, I love it. Am I right in the head? Mostly. It is the Dark Jewels series, and, as ManKraken! and I discussed at DOHH, it seems as if there are two pages of writing to get you to the next rape. But, somehow, the author still makes it hot and interesting, to the point where I was trying to read while slowly creeping through rush hour traffic today. I’m only about 175 pages into a three book series, but I am greatly looking forward to what is to come next.

So, yeah, my life doesn’t suck. Today was a rather good day.

And I even got to write tonight. What more could a girl ask for? (Well, there is sex. And that book did make me incredibly horny before Happy Hour. But, no matter. When I do not satisfy my carnal urges, I often transfer the energy elsewhere. Today, I was bubbly at Happy Hour, and got myself to write before passing out in my bed. I call that a win, ecstasy or not.)

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