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She was sweaty. From their combined body heat. From the tons of sex they’d had earlier. But not from the temperature, which was unpleasantly cool, but just shy of cold.

And as she tried to snooze, she felt a chill down her back, right where the covers parted between them.

Before, they had been snuggled together, naked and panting. Her head cradled in his arm. His hand softly gripping her breast. Her ass nestled against his half-hard cock. His breath tickling the back of her neck. The prickly feeling brought back fresh memories of his lips there. His tongue there. His teeth there.

But now they were turned in opposite directions, each curled up on their side of the bed, and a cool draft filling the new hole in the middle. The annoying chill had woken her.

Her wet body added to the wind’s effect, making her shiver where earlier she’d pulsed with warmth, both on her skin and in her core. She silently cursed their bodies’ unconscious separation, and turned to face his back.

Maybe if she nuzzled against him, in a funny mirror of their earlier spoon, the cold would go away. She scooted her body over. Brought her hips to his ass. Her arm above his head. Her other arm over his hip.

Instinctively, he grabbed her hand in his and brought it up to his heart, pulling her in closer. Her face rested on his back, her cheek against solid muscle.

Again she remembered. Her face brushing against his thigh just before she started sucking his cock. His slaps across her cheek. The way he delicately kissed her face, her forehead, her lips as they began that evening’s play.

She let out a deep breath, and began relaxing back to sleep.

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