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Blind Spots

FetFest memory

Every person, no matter how hot or sexy they are, has a blind spot. For me, it’s women. I get incredibly nervous trying to flirt or be around women who I find incredibly attractive.

Women are complicated. They have all these emotions. You never know what’s going on in their head. They, sometimes, can be a little crazy. And yes, I say all this with the acknowledgement that I am a girl. (Suck it.)

My nervousness can be avoided under a few select circumstances.

1- In the midst of our talking, they point out someone else to whom they are attracted. My brain then switches me into assistance mood. How can I help them in the conquest of this person?
My ease also holds true if they are currently partnered; my brain ignores the existence of poly for these women unless it comes up in conversation. I become the friend, which to me is better than no interaction at all, the only other option my brain sees as possible.

2- If, for some reason, I am overly confident or have nothing to loose, I’m put at ease. This often happens at events when I’m surrounded by friends and high off of a number of scenes or general interactions with folks. If someone has whispered into your ear how much they love eating you out, another battered and bruised you, and a third massaged your scalp til you are floating above cloud 9, it is easy to not care if the pretty girl likes you.

I have practiced and learned how to approach people who catch my eye. I intentionally push myself to be more extroverted. It is my natural state to sink into the background and just watch & listen. As a writer, this has been helpful for my stories. As a young slutty kinkster, I have to work against this inclination.

So…to the meat of it.

Going into FetFest, my biggest blind spot was eating pussy. I mentioned this to a few friends who ended up easing me into the experience.

Outside of Cabin 1/2, Gray sat smoking a cigar and drinking whiskey while hanging out with K2 and TwistedView. I walked over to the cabin after finishing Lochai’s Bondage For Sex class. Seeing Gray, I asked if I could sit and place my head on his knee. He agreed, and I disrobed as per usual, using my clothes to sit on.

I relaxed there for about twenty to thirty minutes, just taking sometime to appreciate the moment. Going into Fet, I knew I would not see Gray or interact with him as much as at Rope Camp, so when the opportunity came up to just be next to him for a bit, I had to take it.

After my time by his knee, I knew I still needed to go about my day. In earlier conversations that day, Gray, Glenda from NCSF, and Lochai all seemed to be encouraging me to ponder running for IMsL. I was unsure about the prospect, but thought I should at least go find Sara Vibes, the current title holder, and ask her about it.

In getting ready to go, I happened to mention to Gray that I had not yet eaten pussy. Of all things, it was this that shocked him. I explained how I got nervous around girls.

And I mentioned the one time I almost did eat a lovely red head out, that is until the girl started violently puking up the alcohol she’d consumed and had to rush to the bathroom off and on for three straight hours. The ordeal was a little bit traumatic. So no, the experience hadn’t happened yet.

Gray, ever the friend, pointed out my little predicament could be fixed. K2, who had walked inside for a moment, stepped back out. Gray turned to her and asked, quite simply, “Hey K2, do you want to have your pussy eaten?”

She gave her agreement and things just kind of happened from there. To hear the full audio of my experience, because awesome friends do awesome things for each other, here is the LINK to Graydancer’s Ropecast episode featuring the recording he made at FetFest. It’s the last segment, about two-thirds of the way in. Once again, thank you Gray.

So, with K2 in a camp chair, my hands gloved, K2’s legs spread and tied down, and my “It doesn’t have look pretty; I’m just trying to eat pussy” line enshrined on Twitter, it was time to begin.

I was nervous, very nervous, but I did have an ace in the hole, so to speak. On the drive down from New York, Murphy and I had had a long conversation about blind spots. His was fisting, which I helped him overcome later. Since mine was eating pussy, he decided to give me pointers. He talked about technique, suggested some tricks, and most importantly, talked about reading your partner. He spoke about how, just like when giving a guy head, you listen for what they like and keep doing that.

Kneeling before K2, Gray’s phone recording the experience, I began. I gently warmed her clit with my fingers. Then I bent over and slowly started licking around her clit. K2 spoke up, telling me I could go harder. She then started making noises, informing me what I was doing was right.

However, all of a sudden, I could hear and feel Gray stand up; previously he had just been sitting in a camp chair next to us. He placed his phone on K2’s chest, the perfect spot to pick up her moans.

But then he came behind me. He placed his iPad on my back and also knelt down behind me, using me like furniture. To my delight, he then started fingering me. Naturally I started moaning.

“Oh honey, don’t forget about me.” K2 piped up as my focus momentarily drifted. I had gotten close to orgasming, but not quite. I redoubled my efforts, concentrating more on eating out K2 while still trying to enjoy Gray’s hand inside me.

Of course then Gray decided he wanted to spank me, my ass being right there. Murphy, who had just returned to the cabin, suggested Gray use the Konami code. Gray spanked Up Up, spanked Down Down, spanked left, spanked right, spanked left, spanked right, squeezed a boob for B, squeezed my ass for A, and then said “She has the start button,” referring to my manipulations of K2’s clit.

“Are you a taxi?” Walking by our cabin, someone randomly yelled at K2.

Her response, “Do I look like a fucking taxi?”

This was an…interesting scene.

After a while, TwistedView asked K2 how I was doing. “She’s doing a good job, but she’s teasing me. I almost get there, but then I don’t.”

Oh, really?

I started going harder with my mouth, harder with my tongue. I finally slipped two fingers into her pussy and firmly massaged her G-spot. My stronger efforts did the trick. K2 asked TwistedView if she could cum. He gave his permission and her ecstasy rolled through, hard. In fact, she came so hard she later told TwistedView it felt like she had to pee. I’d call that a job well done, and on my first try no less.

We hugged; we both were happy; everyone enjoyed the show.

And as a post script, Murphy, ever the caring Big Bro, sang an impromptu “I Just Ate Snatch” for our entertainment. Good times.

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