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Don’t Pretend


– You like my ass. Don’t pretend like you don’t. I know you think it’s hot.

* True. Your ass is quite impressive.

– And you want to fuck me. Don’t pretend like you don’t. I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice you staring.

* True again.

– Good. At least I know you’re not a liar.

* Did you think I was a liar before?

– No, but I reserved the right in my mind to see if my first impression was incorrect.

* So you tested me?

– No, I asked a question and you answered it.

* And that’s not testing because…?

– If you had lied, I would’ve given you another chance.

* What would the other question have been?

– Didn’t think that far out. But I did decide one question wasn’t enough.

* I see.

– And just so that you know, we’re not going to fuck.

* Excuse me?

– We’re not going to fuck.

*Is that like today, in the next hour?

– We’re not going to fuck, ever.

* Hmm, and why is that?

– Because you want to fuck me. And as much as I’d love to fuck you, and I’m sure you’d love it more, I’m not going to just because you want to.

* So you’re depriving yourself just despite me? That seems petty, and hurting yourself in the process.

– Hmm, petty? Maybe. But I see it more as denying you what you want until you beg for it, and then denying you again. It’s like torture, sexy sexy torture. And as for hurting me, I am not in want of people to fuck, as I am sure neither are you.

* True. Quite true. So really this is closer to a thought exercise.

– Maybe. Actually I like the way that sounds. I especially love the delicious warmth racing through me just now.

* Are you cuming?

– No, though I have before just from fantasizing. No, it’s the anticipation, the build up, the tension. The carrot dangling on a stick. Because, really, do you ever want to eat it? Everything tastes better before it’s in your mouth.

* You did it again.

– I know. That one was on purpose.

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