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Good Night

“Will you suspend me?”

My night started slow; I had arrived early for the play party. I wore my red teddy, black tights, and my black heals. My teddy had not experienced enough play in my opinion, and I felt in a flirty mood.

I initially talked to my friends, and contemplated what trouble I would get into. As more of my compatriots arrived, the party filled.

This was a two night event, coinciding with a convention taking part in the area, but I didn’t know that at the time. As the night went on, and more and more younger folk arrived, I learned this evening was geared towards the under twenty-four crowd. The next night would only be open to attendees at or above that age.

My first play of the evening kept me sore all night. I’d seen Jx

Since Jx was not into rope, cigars, and their boots were purple, we decided on impact. I told them punching, kicking, scratching, kneeing, and hair pulling were all welcome. I completely disrobed and we began.

Jx started by punching my right arm, transitioned to my back, and circled around to my left arm. They punched my chest, lightly hit my stomach, and continued to circle my body, abusing it as they saw fit. They kneed my rump, threw their forearm into my body, kicked into me; I rocked forward with their blows.

I began to cry. Jx checked in. I had forgotten to tell them this was a good thing. Crying in my play means you are doing it right. When I sob and wail, it is a catharsis. I take the pain in and breathe it out in my cries. Jx was very good at what they did.

They asked me how I would safeword. I tearily explained I used body language, crouching away from them if I needed a moment. I always do this in my play, in fact. If needed, I take a second or a moment to regain myself and then come back. If it becomes to much, I just don’t present my body for them anymore.

Jx gripped my hair and pulled my head back. They slapped my cheeks, one and then the other, over and over, stingy pain shooting through my skin. They slapped my lips, a feeling I had yet to experience. I couldn’t scream as they focused their fingertips over my mouth, muffling my cries.

Jx asked me to lie on the ground. They continued their blows, now using their booted feet. They reiterated that if it became too much, I should move away. They kicked, using their toe, again into my arms, my back, and now my thighs. They circled around again. They slapped my back with increasingly stingy blows. My cries soared into the floor. I let the feeling wash over me.

Finished, Jx complimented my ability to take a beating as they gently thumped my back. They massaged all over me, bringing my sobs down to normal breathing and my mind back out of my body and once again into the world.

I sat up on my knees, smiling. We examined Jx’s work, seeing what bruises would soon appear. Jx was especially pleased at a boot imprint on my back, the lines of the tread visible on my skin.

We hugged. I was happy, warmed up for my night.

Rejoining my friends, I learned Jx and I had scared away some new folks. It seemed the crying didn’t sit well with them.

Just then, I saw Lqqkout had arrived. I greeted him and offered him the ten cent tour of the space. I also mentioned my interest in playing with him that evening. We agreed to check back in with each other later.

Soon after, another friend arrived. AT and I greeted one another; I was happy he had made his way to the event. AT had newly arrived to town and I believe this was his first play party since settling in. We spoke for a bit before parting ways.

Randomly, I saw a new girl I had spoken to earlier in the night sitting on a futon in a corner. She had expressed an interest in rope, and I had encouraged her to speak to Amy Morgan who was installed under a hard point tying all those brave enough to ask. I sat next to the girl and inquired if she had had her time in rope yet. She had not.

Seeing her nerves, I offered to tie her myself. Relief filled her face; she agreed.

I scurried to my things, grabbed my rope bag, and returned. After a brief health talk, I decided I would tie her in a basic chest harness with her arms free. Then I would bind together her wrists and secured them up over her head and behind her back. With my work complete, she seemed to really enjoy the comfort of the binding. I let down her arms, but she kept the chest rope on for some time after.

After watching me tie the shy girl, another new girl approached me and asked for time in my ropes. Because she was more flexible than my first newbie bottom, I tied the second in a more constrictive harness. She enjoyed the experience as well.

A third girl also approached me; I tied her as well. Releasing my first bottom from her ropes, I used the strands to tie the third, who also opted to stay in the chest harness for a spell. My night was getting filled with lots of rope-y fun-ness.

“Will you suspend me?”


I’d completed all my ties by the futon couch in the corner of the playspace. For my time with AT, I needed a hard point. With all my rope secure and all the girls happy, AT and I made our way to a portable rig.

I secured my ring with my webbing and laid out my ropes. I asked AT my usual health questions; he was as fit and as tough as an ox. He took off his clothes, but I asked him to leave on his underwear, and his boots. I asked him what I was allowed to do. He said he had no restrictions. We began.

Working behind him, I bound his wrists and tied a tight chest harness around him. I pulled my excess rope through a carabiner, looped through his harness, and secured him to my ring. I then bent down and tied a cuff around his booted ankle. Asking him to bend his knee, I lifted the rope to another carabiner. I pulled his leg up, up, up, and tied off. I left his other leg free. Happy with my work, I moved in front of him.

I was in a playful mood and I could do whatever I wanted to AT. I wanted to punch him. I went after his thigh, abusing his one leg on the floor. I challenged his ability to stay standing. His thigh was all muscle. He smiled, confessing he was a cyclist. I liked punching and slapping the firm flesh all the same. It was the slapping that especially bothered him, causing his initial faltering.

I moved on to his rear. I punched one side of his ass while I spanked the other. I slapped his back, issuing hard stingy blows. He moved this way and that, trying to keep his balance, but he couldn’t get away. When he could, he leaned into me, attempting to disrupt my hits. This didn’t deter me.

All the while, as I’m abusing him and he’s trying to evade me, neither of us can stop laughing. I’m giggling and laughing and beating on my friend as he’s spinning and swaying and laughing with me. I’m up over his back. I’m down on my knees. I’m kneeing his ass. I’m spanking him. I’m tickling him. And we laugh and laugh and laugh.

AT is a pale man. Where my blows landed had turned his flesh a lipstick red. We both marveled at the effect. I scratched his back, and then wondered if I could scratch my initials into him. With what little nails I had, I scratched ” P D ~ ” onto his skin. It raised up nicely.

Both of us happy and out of breath, I lowered his leg, released his wrists, and freed him from my binds. We smiled. We hugged. Our scene was awesome.

AT now had another request; he wanted to flog me. We searched around for toys, but all had seemed to have vanished.

Instead we settled on watching Amy Morgan and Lqqkout play. I sat on the floor while AT rested in a chair. I leaned against his leg and looked on at the fantastic rope work before me.

AT lightly brushed his hand over my arm. I nuzzled my head into his leg, showing both my enjoyment in the small sign of affection and my giving back positive energy to him. As he read my interest into his gesture, his hand traveled across the back of my neck. I leaned into his fingers.

Going further, AT gripped down hard on my flesh. He massaged the knots in the top of my back. He kneaded away my worries about work, about money. Leaning forward, I dropped into his easing and found comfort in his efforts.

Finished with his caresses, I again leaned against AT’s leg and went back to watching Lqqkout and Amy.

As I took in the scene, a beautiful girl approached AT and asked for a back rub as well. I leaned forward, giving him ample ease to work on the girl. After he completed his work, AT remarked how good it felt to have two beautiful women at his knees. This made me smile. I again leaned my head against his knee and his hand found my arm once more.

As Lqqkout and Amy’s scene came to an end, so too did the event. Though the playspace was not scheduled to close until 2am, by 1:30am almost everyone was gone. I quietly slipped away, checking in on my friends. Later I came back, gave a hug goodbye to Lqqkout, and secured an IOU for future play.

Driving home, sleepy and tired, I smiled while recounting my night. I could feel the bruises from Jx rising. I could feel the warmth from AT’s massage on my back. I thrilled in remembering the fun time I had giggling as I abused AT’s body. It was a good night.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful write-up.

    Just how I remember it, and all of those feelings are mutual: what a great night!