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From my experience at Dirty Things…

I sat on the floor, naked, my chest covered in ash. The Girl sat next to me, naked save for garters and stockings. Her Daddy sat in a chair beside us. The Empath barely stood, as far away as she could be in the small ten-by-ten room.

I relished being in their presence, smoke sticking to my skin and in my hair. I relished the sight of the body of the Girl, so beautiful, so close to me. But, most of all, I relished the power her Daddy held over her.

“Cum.” With one word, the Girl’s body moved, flexed, bent to his will. Her breathing increased. Her hands struggled to find a hold. The reaction was definite and magical.

“Cum harder.” The Girl’s breathing grew heavier. Her frame shuddered. Her Daddy held a hand against her back for support, lest she fall over.

“Now, direct it.”

“NO!” The Empath protested fervently. The effect the Daddy’s manipulation of his Girl on the Empath was more than magical; it was wondrous. The Empath felt the Girl’s orgasm. The swell rolled through her body as well. The Empath was caught in a trap, unable to be released. She could just barely keep herself up against the wall.

The Girl was new to her control, new to this sensation. The Girl did not know, yet, how to guide her energy. The Empath only found small relief in this. She still felt uneven passion ebbing across the room to her; she still could not get away.

As I sat and watched, something else happened in that room, something I would not reveal to those around me. As the Girl tried to direct her shudders and starts to the Empath, tried to grow and release her ball of energy, I began to feel it. A soft pulse of lust emitted from her body. I was so close to her, a breath away.

It wasn’t obvious at first, just a slight warmth in my abdomen. But it grew. And grew, as the Girl sought to manipulate the Empath.

I kept quiet. I continued to smile. I now relished in the growing warmth inside me. I let the delicious sensation roll around. However, I did not allow myself to get lost in it. I slowly let it melt in, instead of letting it takeover.

Later that night, long after the Daddy was finished having his fun with the Empath, after my multiple rope moments, when everyone gathered their things to go, I sought out the Girl. I would not leave without saying goodnight.

I floated on a rope high through the room. I saw her, as bubbly and beautiful as I’d always seen her. I breezed over, smiling; she always made me smile. She saw the change in me, the delicate balance as I hung in the air.

We hugged our bodies into each other. She lightly kissed the nape of my neck. I nuzzled into hers. Our cheeks found each others, brushing softly. Our noses lightly grazed. Our lips, so soft, met. We kissed. And kissed. And kissed.

I massaged her back. She ran her nails down mine. I gasped. She bent over. She sucked one nipple while pinching the other. I moaned. She switched. I moaned more.

She took to one knee. Her hand ran down my thigh, against my mons, and finally, after I slightly parted my legs, a single finger found and stroked just above my clit. My breathing rocked with my body. I softly brushed my hands against her hair.

I felt it building. And building. And building.

“Please may I come.” I said it low, a whisper, the lightest of pleas.

“Please, please may I come.” Louder. Begging. A need.


“Thank you.” My abdomen contracted. I struggled to breathe. My hands flexed. It ripped through me.

“Cum.” Her Daddy had been watching. Her Daddy gave the command. She obeyed. Her body and her breathing shuddered. We leaned on and into each other.

Our breathing returned, we found ourselves hugging again. It was time to go.

“You are intoxicating,” I told her before I had to drift, high and happy, on my way home.

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