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Interesting —

purchase provigil generic He hates that word. Hates it probably as much as I hate the word ‘nice’. Tonight was my second date with “the Gent”. “You’re dangerous; I’m loving it.” – my text to him on the way home; ‘Toxic’ was the first song on my radio.“Stop Texting. Drive safe.  Good night Mrs. Desires.”- his reply. “I’m […]

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Bio —

Recently I’ve had to try to emcompass all that I am as a person into one paragraph. I submitted a short story, “Daddy’s Girl” to an erotic anthology (which will let me know if my work has been accepted some time in April). I also used that paragraph as my staff bio for the upcoming […]

No Matter —

It was the slightest touch, imperceptable to anyone save the two of them, but it was enough to seal her fate. The electricity in that simple act was apparent, screaming in her every nerve. She loved him, therefore she was lost. He didn’t allow love, didn’t want it, didn’t need it. He sought discipline, order, […]

Blind Spots —

FetFest memory Every person, no matter how hot or sexy they are, has a blind spot. For me, it’s women. I get incredibly nervous trying to flirt or be around women who I find incredibly attractive. Women are complicated. They have all these emotions. You never know what’s going on in their head. They, sometimes, […]

My NeverEnding Bag —

FetFest memory… On Saturday I attended Lochai’s Bondage For Sex class. For some special/odd reason, my Hello Kitty bag seemed to solve every issue that came up during his presentation. When I first arrived, I sat in the Barn on a bench and grumbled to myself, “Dammit, when did I get so fucking popular?” I had […]

Training —

~erotica~ With his hand on the center of her chest, he firmly pushed her up against the wall. She hit with a loud thud, a smile on her face. “Thank you, sweetheart,” she said, her dimples prominent on her cheeks. His hand remained on her chest; his other was by her head, as he leaned […]

Friday —

“You moan like a porn star.” – Slut to me “Oh, they just put on Metallica. I feel sorry for you. That means you’re going to get punched.” – Murphy to SlutI recently had a roller coaster of a Friday. It started off well. I drove SkinnyBitch to work, getting to spend quality time with […]

Don’t Pretend —

~erotica~ – You like my ass. Don’t pretend like you don’t. I know you think it’s hot. * True. Your ass is quite impressive. – And you want to fuck me. Don’t pretend like you don’t. I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice you staring. * True again. […]

Random Facts —

~erotica~ I like being fucked, a lot, and well. Random Fact: In the top drawer of the small storage container beside my bed I keep a box of condoms, a box of latex gloves, and a jar of lube. If you want something, best prepare for it. Daddy likes fucking me, a lot, and well. […]

Mr. Pitiful —

~erotica~ He sat at the bar, an empty glass in front of him, another in his hand. He sipped his bourbon slowly, slowly for him at least, and tried not to think of her. He knew this was a mistake. Drinking was for remembering, not forgetting. Trying to drown his sorrow would only in fact […]