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She let her body lay on the water, gliding between the surface and the deep below. All she could hear was the lapping of the water and her breath. Her fingers delicately danced, feeling the liquid rest and then slip through her digits. She smiled, feeling like she was home.

“Is she drunk?”
“I don’t know.”
“Is she asleep?”
“Maybe. Hey, there’s a bug on your nose.”

She reached over, having not felt the errant insect, grabbed it, and tossed it away. They had broken her meditation, ended her floating for the night. She dipped her hips down, scissor kicked for a moment, and then swam to the edge of the cement pool in the seedy motel.

“That was impressive. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone float for that long.”
“Thanks. It just comes natural.”
“Well, that was still impressive all the same.” The older man smiled at her, turned, and left.

It must have been getting late. Most of her coworkers were gone. She guessed it was almost time for the pool to close. She lifted herself out of the water, sad her time was up. Bailey hadn’t swam since last year, and it was only by dumb luck that it happened at this random work trip.

She’d swam in her underwear; no one knew about the pool til they got to their accommodations. Anyone who was dunked in the water went in with their clothing. Thankfully, when you were targeted, they at least let you remove your wallet and cellphone.

No one had bothered to come after Bailey. She was new, not yet acquainted with everyone, quietly hanging on the fringe. But she saw a pool and knew she had to swim.

She searched around for her things and then stumbled upstairs. But as soon as she got to her room, she realized she forgot her key. She, as quickly as a tipsy Bailey could, stumbled back down to the pool. Reaching the gate, she found the motel’s rather large padlock.

“Hey, is this yours?”

Bailey looked over and saw a group of people crowded around a swing set in the dirt and patchy grass just outside the perimeter of the pool’s fence. She approached and saw a rather attractive woman holding her room key.

“Yes. Thank you.”
“Bailey, right?”
“I’m Nikki.”

Bailey knew who Nikki was. Everyone knew who Nikki was. Tattooed, badass, hot Nikki was hard to miss. Harder still to overlook was combination of Nikki and her boy, Johnny, the older man who had complimented Bailey on her floating. Just as tattooed, just as badass, just as hot as his woman. Seeing the two of them was like looking into the abyss. You didn’t want to rip your eyes away.

Bailey smiled, and attempted to hug Nikki for her kindness. Instead, she tripped over her own feet and fell. Johnny caught her before she landed.

“Sorry. I’m so clumsy.”
“That’s okay, darlin. We’ve all had a few.”
“Maybe we should help you up to your room,” Nikki suggested.
“I think I’ll be…” Bailey put pressure onto her ankle and doubled over from the sharp pain.
“What’s wrong darlin?”
“My ankle. I’m such a fucking klutz.”
“It’s okay hun; let’s get you upstairs.” Nikki nodded to Johnny. He scooped up the slight Bailey as if she were nothing, turned, and they all walked up to her room.

Nikki slid in the door key. As they all entered, everyone ignored the cat calls from the peanut gallery below.

“Which bed is yours, darlin?”
“Either. Both. My roommate left yesterday. The heat got to her.”

Johnny gently put her down on the far bed. He and Nikki sat side-by-side on the near bed.

“Well, let’s get your clothes off. Best to not get you sniffling along with a sore ankle.” Nikki stood to help Bailey, wrestling with her tank top and boxer shorts. Bailey looked at Johnny, who had turned away.

“It’s okay. I’m not ashamed of my body. You can look if you want.”
“Thank you for the invitation, but I’ll be modest for the both of us all the same.”

Once finished, Nikki sat back next to Johnny. Bailey wrapped a blanket around her shoulders, with the excess resting in her lap.

“I’m decent now. Well, mostly.”

Johnny turned back around, catching Bailey’s eye and smiling. He then looked at her ankle, which was now a bit red.

“You’ll need ice for that foot, hun. I’ll go get you some.”

Johnny grabbed the plastic ice bucket off the low dresser and set off on his errand.

“He’s very helpful.”
“Yes, it’s one of the reasons why I bothered calling him after we first fucked. He didn’t just kick me out of his house with cab fare. He fed me, made sure I found my underwear in the clutter of his home, and had me call him once I got home.”
“That’s very sweet. Somehow I’m not surprised by that.”
“Some people don’t see beyond the tattoos and attitude, but I guess you’re different.”

Nikki moved, sitting next to Bailey on her bed. She lifted Bailey’s ankle and sat it on her lap. Lightly she massaged it. Bailey winced.

“Hopefully it’s just a sprain. Usually you just ice and elevate for a few days to make it better.”
“Ice and elevate, got it.”
“Let me help you keep your leg up.”

Nikki continued her kisses, all the way down to where Bailey had only dreamed she’d go. Lightly nuzzling Bailey’s clit with her nose, Nikki then began licking and sucking the delicate nub. Bailey’s breath quickened. Her hands gripped her pillow.

The door opened, with Johnny bringing in the ice bucket. He closed the door, sat the ice bucket back on the table, filled a Ziploc bag he pulled out of his pocket, and approached the two women.

“I see you’re having fun, hun.” Bailey wasn’t sure if he was talking to her or Nikki.

Johnny used medical tape to lash the ice pack to Bailey’s ankle. He then sat back on the bed and watched. Bailey wasn’t sure exactly what would happen next, but she guessed this wasn’t the first time Johnny walked in on Nikki ‘having fun.’

Johnny once again caught Bailey’s eye. And again, both she and he smiled. He began rubbing himself through his leather pants. Bailey glanced down, then back up at him. She nodded, giving her nonverbal approval. Johnny unzipped his pants and pulled out his rather firm cock. Bailey’s eyes grew wide; she instinctively licked her lips, then craned her head back as Nikki inserted two fingers into her rather wet cunt.

“I think we’ve found a live one, ” Johnny commented as he stood and came closer to the ladies’ bed.

Johnny glided his fingers into Bailey’s hair, gripped, and then brought her mouth to his cock. Bailey and Nikki shifted their bodies to better suite the new fun happening by the headboard. Bailey licked and sucked Johnny while riding Nikki’s mouth and hand. She gasped when Nikki inserted another finger, allowing Johnny to ease his cock in farther down her throat.

Bailey gently placed a hand on Nikki’s head, guiding her movements. Bailey grew closer and closer to an orgasm. Johnny began grunting and pumping harder into her mouth. Nikki matched her man’s increased tempo.

With muffled cries, Bailey’s body thrashed as she came. Johnny quickly pulled out of her mouth, preventing his release. Nikki slowly extricated herself from Bailey’s pussy.

Breathing hard, floating on her endorphin high, Bailey looked at the two of them with gratitude, but also confusion.

“Where do you two think you’re going? We’re not done yet.”

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