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Even with the experience of having my boots blacked and blacking another’s boots, I was still antsy. I wanted more.

I ventured up to my friends’ Black Rage party, named so because the two inhabitants of the room were African American females. Not surprisingly, it was chill and relaxed. But I felt something stir in me.

Excusing myself, I headed back to my room. For WinterFire, I shared a double/double with Murphy, Slut, and their friend the Elf. However, it was made clear that I would get my own bed. As I walked into the room, a magical thought occurred to me: I was alone.

Grabbing my toy bag, I pulled out all my masturbation accoutrement. I ran my extension chord to the wall for the “lawnmower.” I set out my other vibrators. I changed into my red teddy. I grabbed my dildos and took them into the bathroom to wash them.

It randomly came to mind that my next door neighbors, all around, would probably hear me screaming. And then I remembered it was WinterFire, and, if anything, they would most likely cheer me on.

Then I heard the door open. The Elf walked in. I cursed myself for not setting the latch. I quickly finished cleaning, threw all my things into a bag, and left.  The Elf wanted to take a shower and I was too polite to ask for solitary time in the room.

I made my way back to Black Rage, now actually angry. As I let out my frustration, a stroke a genius hit. I looked at Tigerwong, and realized his room was free. He granted my request for some alone time, asking that I pull back the comforter and only fuck myself on the sheets.

Alone, finally, I plugged in my power chord again, pulled out my toys, and started playing. I writhed on the bed, fantasizing about my still unrealized Daddy. I dreamt of beatings and fuckings. I breathed heavy, thrusting hard on my cocks, enjoying each raunchy moment. I pushed myself, holding the lawnmower in place well past my first, second, and third orgasm from the toy.

As I finished, glowing from my cum high, I got a text. It was from Gray. That was when we set our date for the next evening. Yeah, good timing.

The rest of my evening was spent in a haze, watching others play. Murphy suspended Tigerwong. Lochai tied up K2 (a scene which I am still fantasizing about).

I eventually made it to bed around 3:30am, after we picked up the pods from the play spaces once they closed; I was exhausted but smiling.

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