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The Doctor


My moment journaling in my room took an hour and fifteen minutes. With Jim and Gray fresh on my mind, I had a lot to write about.

When I ventured back down to the play spaces, I looked about but could not find Gray or his play date. Instead, I sipped an energy drink and sat in the lobby, chatting with friends.

During my conversations, the Doctor approached with a n95 mask. We had previously planned to have a rope scene, and the moment seemed right to bring our promise to fruition. I told the Doctor to go look for an open arch or hard point. He returned, unable to satisfy my request, as there were still quite a few people playing, even at the late hour. It was coming on 2am.

We looked around, trying to find room. I suggested, instead of the planned partial suspension, that we try some floor work. Just as we were about to find some open space on the carpet, an arch in the Dungeon hallway opened up. We quickly claimed it.

As is my preferred way, I asked the Doctor to remove all his clothing, save for his underwear. I rigged my ring to the arch and we began. As I tied, two of his friends sat nearby and watched. Occasionally he spoke to them as I wound my ropes around him.

I secured the Doctor’s arms behind his back, tying a simple chest harness around his torso. I left his wrists knot open, just in case. Next, I tied a cuff around his left ankle. He said he felt stronger with his right leg, and I wanted him to last as long as possible. Asking him to bend his left leg, I raised the rope up and through my ring, securing it. He held himself up only with his right leg.

So, we began. I attacked the front of his right thigh, slapping, punching, and abusing it as I wished. The Doctor remembered, from our first play date, that I could be quite mean.

I pulled out my riding crop and smacked his muscle. Once, I missed, and the Doctor mocked me. I attacked his thigh harder, laughing as I inflicted my pain. He laughed too, as he tried hopping away from my blows.

I pulled out my drumsticks and beat on him more. The Doctor truly hated my drumsticks.

The thing I love about playing with the Doctor are his constant stream of comments. When we play, and I beat on him to my heart’s content, he never ceases to make me laugh. When I am topping, I have to laugh. I am causing you pain and it is just so much fun. With the Doctor, he gets my meanness and plays up the hilarity of the scene.

When the Doctor’s wrists needed attention, I released his hands, but continued to pound his thigh. When he fell, and consequently had all his body weight in my ties, I grabbed his body and righted his footing. Soon, I knew it was time for him to come down.

I sweetly released him from my binds. He had some pretty bruises from my ropes on his arms, as well as an awesome big bruise forming on his targeted thigh. We hugged. I gathered my things. We finished just as the play spaces closed for the evening.

I helped gather the iPods and made my way back to my room. As I relaxed on my bed, Slut warned me that Murphy needed some tying and sexy time. I assured her that, with my headphones in, I would easily ignore their amorous affections.

At 4am, my eyes closed and I passed out. Around 5am I woke to their moans and screams. Soon after, I drifted back into my slumber.

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