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“I’ve never let anyone suck on my balls before.”
“Yeah, it’s hard to get over the tickling sensation.”
“Like I said, I get what I want.”

A huge grin crept across her face. He was bound to his home office chair, his ankles secured to the wheel legs, his wrists to the arm rests. He was completely naked.

She was too, save for her stiletto leather boots. He wondered what she might do to him with those boots. Wondered as his crotch already throbbed from her tauntings.

She loved toying with him, playing with his body. She had already pinched and bit his nipples. Had already sucked and bit his neck. Had already glided her tongue up from his ankles, slowly, so slowly, making her way towards his crotch, towards his cock which throbbed from his wanting.

From their previous fucks, she knew there was something about the base of his shaft, and his balls, that she needed to explore. Before he would gently guide her away, gently shift his hips, manipulating her fun. Now it was her turn to call the shots.

“Oh. Oh! Fuck. No, not…Whew. Alright. Alright. Oh God! And now you’re switching sides. Fuck. Fuck! Okay I can deal with…Fuck!”

He wiggled. He squirmed. She smiled and sucked and bit to her heart’s content.

“Please. Please! You are killing me here.”
“Whatever do you me?”

She sunk her face into his crotch, taking up both of his balls in her mouth. Bobbing her head in and out, sucking in time to her movements, her own hips rocked, imagining his hard and wanting cock inside her.

He gasped. He bucked. He did whatever he could to try to get her mouth off of him, but nothing worked. She had him. All he could do was sit their and take the sweet pain.

She may have had a mouth full of balls, but most of the enjoyment was on her end. She loved to suck balls, loved the feel of them in her mouth, loved to be so full of them. She loved the texture of the skin, the slick nature of the organs underneath, how they’d pop in and out of her mouth, elusive little buggers. And she loved men’s reactions when she licked, nipped, and sucked as none other had done for them before.

His reaction was a new one. Others moaned, amazed at her fervor and glee. Some would push her face in further; she loved those, men who enjoyed her ball sucking as much as she did. But she also loved this new reaction, this unexpected out-of-left-field sensation she could give him.

“I can do this. I can do this.”
“Do what? Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t talk when my mouth’s full.”

He laughed, then gasped as she again sought the base of his shaft.

“What!?! What do I…What do I have to do…ooo ooo ooo…to make you stop?”
“But I’m having fun. Why would I want to?”

She switched. And switched. And switched. He pulled at his bindings. He rocked his hips. She treated him so sweetly, yet so horribly.

“Oh God! Oh God!”
“It’s nice that you’re thanking him; I know I’m that good.”
“Fu…uck! I just want to cum!”
“Oh, I know.”

She quickly engulfed his cock in her mouth.


She squeezed the base of his cock hard. Rapidly she bobbed her head up and down, sucking and stroking as hard as she could. Saliva dribbled out of her mouth and onto his cock. Her hands were soon soaked. His moans grew loud. His obscenities continued.

She increased her speed. Up and down. Up and down. The slurping was almost comical, but all the laughing was done.

If his hands were not bound, they would have been tangled in her hair, which flew everywhere as her head continued to ride the length of him. She occasionally pushed the strands away, but to no avail.

Finally, torturously, he felt his cum rise.

“Shit, I’m cuming. I’m cuming.”

She didn’t stop, but instead increased her speed. Unable to hold on, he shot into her mouth; one, two, three spurts. Some found its way on her hands, on her lips, dribbled onto his crotch. And some she savored, enjoying it for herself. Lifting her hand, he also licked up the cum, sucking it off her fingers.

She rose, leaning into him. Her face hovered a few inches from his. He still breathed hard, but also could not take his eyes off hers.

“You are so fucking good, and so fucking horrible.”
“I’m not horrible; I just get what I want.”

She lightly kissed his lips, and then slowly untied him.

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