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Sunday morning had me continuing a tradition I started with a few of my friends last WinterFire. At 9:30am, after I completed my sound checks for the first class session, I ventured up to the hotel room of PrudeNate & CandleLover. It was time for my Sunday morning fisting.

Standing outside their door, I was a bit nervous; we had not played in some time. However, I was put at ease quickly as they greeted me with smiles and an offer of a mimosa.

I disrobed and sat on a chuck on their bed. We all sat and chatted, sipping our morning drinks; they had Bellini’s. Everyone was having a good events, and we were happy to continue our play from last year.

To get the fun started, the couple had me stand in between them as PrudeNate kissed and caressed me from the front and CandleLover gave attention from behind me. I had forgotten how well the two of them play off each other, keeping me forever guessing.

Without warning, PrudeNate flung me around, pushing me off balance. I was now given the pleasure of CandleLover’s lips while PrudeNate clawed at my back. I felt lost in their touch, engulfed by their lust.

Sufficiently warmed up, I laid on the bed as they pulled up their seats. Gloved and lubed, it was time for them to begin. Since they both are right handed, the couple snuggled together to accommodate both their arms.

They began slowly, PrudeNate starting with clit stimulation and CandleLover easing just a finger into my ass. Quickly PrudeNate was able to ease in a few fingers, my first orgasm a result of his actions. CandleLover was then able to insert another finger, and then another. PrudeNate slid in more of his hand. Soon his fist was fully inside me. CandleLover stuck with her three finger penetration. I felt full.

The couple played off of each other, lightly pressing together or away. CandleLover was careful not to insert herself too far in, worried the friction between the two hands would cause problems. As PrudeNate continued his fist workings, more orgasms followed.

About forty minutes into our scene, I knew I was almost spent. With a final flourish, the couple pumped their hands and gave me my eighth and final orgasm for the morning.

Pleased, I laid on their bed for a few minutes before sitting up into their combined embrace. I sipped a fresh mimosa, thanked them for another lovely experience, and suggested we do it again next year.

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