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By Chance

So much of my WinterFire happened by chance.

After my scene with CandleLover and PrudeNate, I rushed back to my room to shower. Refreshed and changed, I headed downstairs for next round of class sound checks.

I randomly popped in on multiple different presenters who hadn’t actually asked for AV assistance. I was inquiring anyway, just in case.

Heading towards the small side ballroom next to the Champagne Room, I ran into Gray. He was helping Chey, Stefanos, and Nerine setup for their Playful and Predicament BDSM class.

Chey informed me they did not need sound. Gray grabbed my boob because, well, he wanted to.

Assured that they were okay, I continued my rounds.

Satisfied all the classes were good, I was struck with a thought. It was my plan to attend the Introduction to Aerials class, but it occurred to me, “Hold on, I’m about to tie up two chicks, and they are going to fight each other. That is both playful and predicament. I think I should go to that class instead.”

Slinking in mere minutes before it was about to start, the trio had quite a large crowd. However, there were many seats in the front row that were empty, including a few next to Gray. I excused myself to the front, passing through the attendees. Approaching Gray from behind, I poked him in the back.

“Someone’s poking me.” He turned around and saw me.

“Can you move please? I want to sit in front too.”

“Do you want to sit at me feet?” My eyes grew wide. Hmm…Um yes, yes I do.

“Sure.” I scooted past him and sat in between his legs.

Glancing up, I watched as Chey and Stefanos setup an interesting predicament for Nerine, giving her the choice between only a teasing amount of riding the Hitachi or pulling off a line of clothespins on her breasts.

As the presenters prepped, Gray and I asked if it was okay for me to be seated where I was, seeing as I was quite close to the action. Chey said, as long as I didn’t mind being in the “splatter zone”, I was okay.

I opened up my notebook, took out my pen, snuggled into Gray’s legs, and grinned widely as the class began.

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