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Following The Rule

“The rule is do what you want.”

I parked a block and a half away. He carried my toybag up the stairs to the second level to check in. He paid my admission; I’d forgotten to swing by an ATM.

I looked through the throng and saw Diamond was there. I rushed into her arms for a hug. Murphy walked in. I introduced the Gent. 

As everyone chatted, I stepped away for more hugs. Coming back into the conversation, it seems Diamond had read my blog, which sparked the interesting moment of “I don’t know you, but I know about you.”

I gave Gent a tour. The smoking lounge.  The darker somewhat quieter third floor.  The second floor packed with hard points. I reminded him he had an easy out clause if he wanted or needed to go.  He said he hadn’t seen anything new.

I saw Lochai. He said cigar time would be starting soon. I grabbed my humidor and headed downstairs. Gent followed.

He sat in a chair; I sat on the floor. I explained I never sat on the furniture in the smoking lounge. People filtered in. I got my first request for cigar service. I grabbed my lighter and cutter and made my way over. Ten minutes later, when I looked around, the Gent was gone.

I hung out in the smoking lounge for about an hour. But, because I am who I am, I went looking for him to make sure the Gent was doing okay. Heading back up to the second floor, I paid a toll.

In the lounge area, I hugged KnownUnknown from behind and greeted Nomad. Since Nomad had never been to the Playhouse, I gave her a tour. 

First we peaked our heads into the smoking lounge. Then we headed up to third floor, where I saw Gent was watching an impact scene. Making our way down to the second floor, I pointed out to Nomad that a Murphy was tying. Did she want to go watch a Murphy tie? She quite enthusiastically nodded her head yes. I was glad I could make a Nomad happy.

I found KnownUnknown again and we chatted more.

There was a raffle; I lost.  I don’t have good luck when it comes to raffles. 

I checked-in with Gent. He was doing fine. He encouraged me to go back to mingling.

I made my way to a corner with friends. I sat on the floor in front of them. Among those seated was N3rddom. We talked about the scene he was planning for me: kidnapping, beating, mean meanness. 

N3rddom pulled me into his arms. I leaned into his legs, happy for the embrace. He talked into my ear. We watched the scenes going on around us. N3rddom then went for water. TwistedView came over, rather punchy.

After he relieved his ease, he sat behind me. Gent reappeared and sat with him. I turned to Gent and mentioned he had not yet ripped my shirt; he had promised me the gesture earlier in the week. Giving TwistedView the first yank, both men ripped open my gray tank top. I sat back in between Gent’s legs.

I grabbed his hand and put his fingers into my hair. He massaged my scalp. I let myself float away again.

Nomad and TeddyBear started showing off bite marks. Inspired, I bit Gent’s left arm. He reached down and started playing with my nipples. I felt the warmth rising in my abdomen, but I wanted more. Softly with his hand, Gent veered my face to his other arm. I bit down hard again.

With both bite marks complete, I wasn’t done just yet. He continued to play with my nipples, scratching, twisting, pinching hard. I bit here and there on his arms. Eventually, I asked permission. He gave it.

As I leaned forward, my abdomen convulsing, he ripped the back of my shirt open. Digging his nails into my skin, he scratched up and down my back. He glided his fingers under my bra hooks, but did not open them.

When he finished, I realized I wanted something. Turning around, I put my chin on his knee and said, “I’m hungry.”

“What do you want to eat?” I looked down at his crotch and then back up into his eyes.

“I’m trying to think of a reason to say no.”  I pointed at my face.

“This…this is me pouting.”

“Well, you shouldn’t go hungry.”

I pulled his cock out and started sucking.

“No balls?”

“Getting there.” He wore jeans, which made it difficult, but I was able to pull out his balls and suck on them. He softly put his hand in my hair and pet me as I played. I practiced my deep throating, able to resist most of my gagging, opening up my throat as I stroked his cock.

“Is your friend still coming with us?” I didn’t have time to enjoy his cock for long. It was near the end of the event.

“I’ll go check.” I put his cock and balls back inside his pants, zipped, and belted his jeans. Checking with Slut, she did still need a ride.

I bopped downstairs into the smoking lounge to retrieve my shoes, socks, and humidor. There was no one in the room. Hmm…

Scurrying back up to the lounge area, I packed my humidor and pulled out a condom. Finding Gent sitting close by, I whispered in his ear, “You should come with me.”

I took him down to the smoking lounge and closed the door behind us. I pulled the condom out of my bra.


He motioned me towards a chair. He pulled out his dick, put the condom on, and had me bend over. As he fucked me, I cursed and moaned. I heard the door open and close, but took little notice of it. He fucked me for only a few minutes, just enough to tease me.

Breathing hard, I took a moment before I stood up. When I did, I saw we had had an audience of two. They clapped and complimented us. We headed back upstairs.

Retrieving a Slut, we headed home. 

I dropped off Slut before taking Gent back to my place and his car. 

As we were about to get out of my car, I leaned over and kissed him. We had never kissed before, but I was the following the rule. Our styles were similar, his soft lips exquisite fun as we lightly sucked and played.  Gentle strokes of his tongue ended the evening just right. 

I gave him better directions home. We hugged goodnight.

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