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My Sir


He sat on the corner of the bed, the corner nearest the door. He still wore his clothes from work: collared dress shirt, creased dress pants, polished shoes, tie. He’d set his glasses on the end table beside the bed, his briefcase on the floor just under them.

I stood in the doorway. I wore the sundress he liked, light blue. The color of the sky on a clear day. The color of his eyes. I was barefoot. My hair flowed down my back.

He smiled at me with a familiar grin, a mixture of “I’m going to hurt you” and “I’m going to fuck you.” When I saw that grin, I knew what my evening had in store.

He waved me over, and pat twice on his thigh. I slowly crept, coyly shying my head away. Lifting my legs, I straddled him on the bed, and wrapped my arms around his neck, resting them on his shoulders. His arms found their usual spot on the cleft of my hips, his hands brushing my ass.

He kissed me softly at first, a greeting. Which turned into a knowing. Which turned into a wanting. His nails dug into my ass as our kiss grew deeper, longer. My fingers brushed his jaw line. Our tongues danced.

We had begun.

“So good to see you again, girl.”
“So nice to see you too, Sir.”
“Did you remember your homework?” I looked at him, puzzled.
“Homework, Sir?” He shook his head disapprovingly.
“Lean back.”

His arms cupped my hips as I bent my body back, eventually resting my hands on the floor. With one arm still around my waist, he used his free hand to try to slip my dress up to my hips. When I found balance, he removed his other arm and was able to guide the fabric completely. I wore no underwear.

He ran his hands over my hip bones, pressing down at the clefts. A quiet scream escaped my lips.

Grabbing the center of my strap-less bra, he lifted me back into a seated position in his lap.

“Over my knee.”

I quickly repositioned myself, resting my hips against his right knee. Both hands were on the floor. He rubbed my bare ass, and then smacked hard, the left cheek first, and then the right. The crack of his blows echoed off the walls. Smack! Smack! He gave me five blows to each side.

Finished, he pulled me back onto his knee, my dress still at my hips.

“You may not have remembered it was an assignment, but you did come to me fully shaved. I gave you ten strikes for forgetfulness.”

He tapped my nose with his index finger.

“You would’ve received twenty if you hadn’t shown up properly. Less forgetful from now on.”

“Yes, Sir.”

He took his index fingers and laced them through my dress straps. Pulling down, he shifted the fabric off my bra, down to rest on my hips. Reaching behind, he unsnapped my bra as he lightly bit my breasts. My hands found his hair and grazed through his strands. Unhooked, he flung the bra away.

Taking up my breasts in his hands, he began sucking on my nipples. His tongue circled my areolae. His teeth gripped parts of the flesh, imprinting their pattern in my skin. My eyes closed. My head craned back. My body grew warm, my pussy wet.

Gripping one arm, and then the other, he positioned them behind my back. I felt the kiss of the rope on my wrists as he wound the chord and secured his binding. He wrapped it around my chest, over my shoulders, and then began weaving an intricate pattern in the back. Finished, happy with the harness, he stood, balancing me as I slid from his lap.

With a push, my chest landed on the bed, my hips bent, my ass presented to him. With one yank, he pulled my dress off and onto the floor. Again he caressed my ass, but this time he also pressed his hips in, simulating what I hoped would be in my future.

Gripping the back of the harness, he pulled my body to standing again. A hand found my clit, massaging me there. The other controlled me through his rope.

“Hmm, someone is happy.”
“You always seem happy to me, Sir.”

He rubbed a little harder. My knees buckled for a moment before I righted myself.

“Happy? No. Content. Controlled. Calm. No, not happy. Happy comes when I’m inside you. Happy comes when I hear your little noises. Happy comes when I see you cum.”
“May I cum for you, Sir?”
“Oh, my little pet, not just yet.”

He pushed me back down onto the bed. With a rush, his knee landed on my ass. I would’ve rocked forward more, but his hands gripped my harness keeping me set. Left. Right. His knees continued to pound me. I made one of the noises he likes, a mixture of a grunt and a moan, with each swift contact of his knee on my ass.

With a hand in my hair, he elevated my head.

“Do you like it when I knee your ass?”
“Yes, Sir. You know I do, Sir.”
“It never hurts to ask. And I do love it when you call me Sir. In fact, from now on, begin and end your sentences with Sir. Do you understand?”
“Sir, I do, Sir.”
“Good girl.”

His hand again found my clit

“Please, Sir.”

His hand quickly moved away. He wrenched me up from the bed again, his face now a breath away from mine.

“What did you say?”
“Sir, please, Sir.”
“Your forgetfulness.”

He slapped me hard, back handed, across my left cheek.

“Sir, my apologies, Sir.”

He graced my other cheek with a blow.

“I don’t want your apologies. I want you to remember and respect my wishes.”
“Sir, I will, Sir.”

Again he shoved me face down onto the bed. I felt rope around one ankle, and then the other. He lifted a line, and with it my left leg. He ran the line through the back of my harness, and then down to my other ankle.

I found myself in a balancing act. Only one foot could be on the ground at a time. My left leg desperately tried to stay in the air while my right felt the strain of its counterpart’s weight pulling it from the ground.

With a hard smack, both his palms landed flat on my ass. I yelped from both the pain and the surprise. Stingy blows followed, one after the other, as he punished me further for my mistake.

“Good girls remember what their told. Good girls remember their assignments. Good girls remember the rules. Are you a good girl?”
“Sir, I am, Sir.”
“Then start acting like one.”

He spanked my ass til it grew sore, til it throbbed with the memory of his hits, til I knew it would be red for days. I whimpered from the pain, another sound I knew he enjoyed.

“Sir, please, Sir.”
“Please what?”

He stopped his spanking, irritation in his voice.

“Sir, I need to switch my legs, Sir. Sir, and a good girl would never kick her Sir, Sir.”
“You think you can do that?”
“Sir, may I try, Sir? Sir, please, Sir.”
“You may.”

I could hear the now grin in his voice, I suspected from the many times I threw in the word he loved, but also from the ridiculous act I was about to attempt. With only my chest on the bed, I had no way of balancing so that I could simply ease my legs to switch. Instead, I needed to basically leap.

I counted to three in my head, rocking my hips with the numbers, and then, at once, flung my legs, hoping gravity would assist me. My left leg did successfully landed on the ground, with my right leg up, but my whole body inadvertently rolled over. I tumbled towards the floor and into his waiting arms.

“Sir, bad idea, Sir?” He chuckled softly.
“Not your best, but you got me to stop punishing you, so maybe not so bad.”

I felt the air of his voice as he spoke against my neck. His arms wrapped around me. Slowly, a hand crept down my stomach. Down my hips. Down to my clit once more. He lifted us up to a seated position as he slowly circled his fingertip over my clit. My arousal rose, the heat in my abdomen overwhelming.

“Sir, please, please, Sir.”

He kissed me as my body convulsed in his arms. I screamed my pleasure into his lips. I could barely breathe, could barely think, could barely do anything beyond feel the rush of ecstasy in my body and the joy of his lips against mine.

Suddenly my legs were free again. He’d untied the ankle cuffs as I came. He lifted me, even as I languished in the final moments of my orgasm. Once more, my chest rested on his bed.

I heard his zipper, heard the condom wrapper, and then felt him inside me. Instinctively, I cursed and screamed.

“Sir, oh God, Sir!”

Once again using the harness for leverage, he now rocked his hips into me, thrusting his hard cock into my wanting cunt. With what little leverage I had, I pushed back, needing more of him, all of him, inside me.

As we fucked, he slapped my ass, pulled my hair, bit my shoulder, and whispered, “That’s my good girl,” into my ear. He sucked on my neck and I begged him for permission again.

“Cum,” he whispered, driving harder still inside me.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered, not relenting in his fucking. His balls slapped my clit. A hand gripped my hip. His teeth left impressions all over my body as we fucked liked starving men at a feast.

I never stopped cumming. Never stopped screaming. Never stopped cursing. Never stopped thanking him, proclaiming my love for him, for my Sir.

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  1. L says:

    Great story, sounds like something my new sir would do all the way.