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Archive for March, 2012

Going To The Well —

Sometimes I’m lost for what to say. Sometimes I go to the well and it’s like, “Um, what do you want? I’ve given you plenty. Leave me alone.” Sometimes I’ve just got nothing. When that has happened in the past, I’ll end up writing a piece of erotica. Frankly, for me, it’s easy. I think of […]

The Wolf, part two —

~erotica~ I don’t remember how we ended up at my place. Looking back, I’m not surprised; everyone I talked to said the same thing, how they just sort of brought her home. They could never recall why. We barely made it inside my door before she kissed me, before the Wolf began her torment. Her […]

Passing By —

Twice in the past month I’ve almost run into the Ex. He is still employed by a company I occasionally work for. Both times it was when I was driving, dropping off rental equipment, and, if I had lagged at the rental house for but a few minutes, we would have interacted. It’s been two […]

The Wolf —

~erotica~ They called her The Wolf. She prowled the local haunts, nightclubs, bars, and bath houses alike. People weren’t sure how she identified herself. She never objected to any pronoun used, but then again she rarely talked, except when stalking her prey. She seemed to have no preferences, loving cock and pussy alike, tall or […]

Crimson —

The rope was crimson, a dark blood red, that seemed to vibrate through the packaging. She held it in her hands, not sure what to do with it. It was a gift, a random gift from a stranger who, when presenting her with the small plastic wrapped hemp, said only, “For you.” She’d thanked the […]

My Sir —

~erotica~ He sat on the corner of the bed, the corner nearest the door. He still wore his clothes from work: collared dress shirt, creased dress pants, polished shoes, tie. He’d set his glasses on the end table beside the bed, his briefcase on the floor just under them. I stood in the doorway. I […]

I Miss You —

It’s not your clothes. God, you are such a slob. With your tattered jeans, ruffled thrift store polo’s, and sneakers that barely stay together. I don’t miss your clothes. And it’s not your apartment. Books in piles randomly set. Your eclectic collection of old school Nintendo 64 games. And your Game Boy, at the edge […]

Idiots —

I don’t consider myself a bitch, per se. I am highly opinionated, and, when it comes to my job, I am greatly annoyed when others do not know their shit. And so it happened that today I had to deal with an annoying dumbass. I’d worked with him before. For the first hour of our […]

Pretty Pincushion —

“Oh you’re easy.”“So I’ve been told.” It felt like I was moving through water. It felt like new… fuller… a dull electricity. Touching my hands as I slowly lifted them to my face. Touching my chin as I rested my head on my hands. Everything was slower. I swayed, as if I were floating in […]