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Poetic’s Spring Break

I’m taking a vacation.

I’d planned for this year to be amazing: lots of events, traveling all over. Though Winter Fire was my first event this year, it feels like my real adventure is just about to start.

At 6am on Sunday, I’ll be flying on my first plane in eleven years.

First I’m visiting PrincessA in Minnesota. Though she has work, because who besides me wouldn’t be working Sunday through Wednesday, I’m bringing many things to entertain myself when we cannot hang out.

It’s my plan to finish Sticky and start some edits. I also want to write some rough ideas for another short story I’m submitting to an anthology. PrincessA wants to act out a one act play for her roommates, so there will be lines to memorize. And there is always crocheting. A friend at work has asked for a blanket and accepted my $50 price tag. I will have lots of fun things to do.

I suspect my time with PrincessA and her roomies will be relaxing and refreshing, just what I need to rejuvenate me for the rest of my trip.

Thursday I hop on a plane and head out to San Francisco to attend IMsL, International Ms. Leather. I am greatly looking forward to attending the convention, being a joyous spectator to the competition, as well as learning a few things from the International Ms. Boot Black contestants.

In addition to the event, I will also be touring the San Francisco Armoury, home of Kink.com, as well as visiting Wicked Grounds and Mr. S Leather. Many people have suggested places for me to see, restaurants to eat at, and other tourist attractions I just have to experience. I’m saving those for August, when I hope I will again visit San Francisco to attend Midori’s Rope Dojo (fingers crossed).

Monday is a travel day, bringing me back to my fair east coast. Tuesday I will performing my civic duty, once again election judging. Wednesday is a free day, though I suspect I will sneak in some time with my friends, as well as prep for the last leg of my trip.

Thursday Big Sis and I pack into her car and drive down to Atlanta for Frolicon. I will be spending the weekend immersed in geeky kinky fun. I will, of course, sport my Hogwarts uniform at least once. There will be Invader Zim fashions. And, possibly, some Hello Kitty action as well.

Monday is another travel day, bringing me back home. Tuesday is a recovery day. Wednesday may vary well have me back at work.

While away, I will be TwitPic-ing, FourSquare-ing, bringing my dictaphone, and blogging, if I can muster it, chronicling my super fun times.

I don’t know if this is fool-hearty or awesome or both. I do know this is happening.

My first time in Minnesota. My first time on the left coast. My first time in Atlanta.

My first IMsL. My first Frolicon.

An amazing kinky adventure.

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