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“You’re suppose to be working on my leathers. Setup your kit.”

Like our previous leather scene at Tied Down, I worked on Gray’s chaps and vest. Also like Tied Down, Gray put me in a restrictive harness which, of course, included a crotch rope. He used my same raw hemp, and I had, in fact, saved the happy knot from the previous scene, able to incorporate it into my rope work since then. Instead Gray took out the knot and create a new one, longer and thicker (but, of course, size isn’t everything).

“Now you can play.”

During our scene, Gray again instructed me on deep throating techniques. He had me practice holding his cock in my throat for a few seconds at a time and then relaxing. He held his finger on his cock where I last had my nose and encouraged my quarter-inch-by-quarter-inch progress down his shaft. But, after the lesson, he allowed me to just have fun with his cock. I licked and sucked playfully, smiling, my reward for such hard work and effort.

“There’s cold water dripping down my ass.” – Gray
“I am desperately trying to not get my ass beat again.” – me

Unlike the harness at Tied Down, I was able to move more freely while blacking Gray’s leathers. However, I was also under a time constraint. Gray encouraged me to finish up by a certain hour and I did not want to make him late. However, in the future, I will be carrying two towels in my kit to avoid, um, leakage issues.

“You should call yourself a Leather Bitch and Cock Bitch.” – Gray
“What about Leather Slut and Cock Slut?” – me
“No, you need to have Bitch in there. Implies you’ll do anything for cock. Your mouth. Your pussy. Your ass.”

With my WinterFire fun-ness as example, I can’t really argue with his assessment. And I do already have a title with “Bitch” in it.

“You love sucking my cock.” – Gray
“Mmm hmm.” – me
“I think you enjoy sucking my cock above all other cock.”
“Mmm hmm.”

Do I need to add anything to this quote?

“Just so you know, I’ve gotten about a dozen thumbs up and way to goes.”

There was a lot of activity in the Dungeon that night, including a scene with my Big Sis right behind me that I saw nothing of. In fact, I didn’t take note of anyone watching us unless Gray pointed them out (RopeBoi’s Phone-A-Friend; elbow count guy).

Gray utilized my harness for torturing me in multiple lovely ways. Of course there was the obvious yanking. Like before, he pulled on the rope, driving the chord against my clit, pussy lips, and ass crack. God, the pressure on my ass crack.

Second, Gray slipped his cane into the back of my harness and twisted, constricting the rope around me further, pulling everywhere, cinching it tight.

As I worked on Gray’s vest, I often bent down to dip my dobber in my saddle soap. Each time I presented my ass. Actually, for the entirety of the scene, if it was applicable, I presented my ass.

I did this for a few reasons. I knew Gray liked to look at it. I liked the idea of Gray looking at my ass. But, to be fair, I did want more impact attention. Gray eventually caught on, or gave in, smacking my ass.

And then, magically, Gray started smacking my pussy lips. Over and over, smack after smack hit stingy and hard on my crotch, and I loved it. For some reason, I absolutely adore being hit in the crotch. It is the one type of stingy pain I can take and take much longer than on any other part of my body.

Even though I love slaps to my pussy, love them, like all pain my body eventually makes me stop it. After what could have easily been a few solid minutes of nonstop slaps, I had to curl away from his hand. Pleasure ended, I went back to work.

“My cock is nowhere near hard. Best way to get me hard fast is to stroke it with your mouth. Can you feel it growing inside you?”

Gray’s rule for my orgasms during the leather portion of our scene was simple: when I felt it coming, I had to jam his cock down my throat. However, for that to happen, I needed to encourage him as much as he had encouraged me.

When I finished his vest, standing in front of him, happy with my work, Gray rewarded my efforts with a quick succession of hard yanks to my harness. And quickly I was ready to cum, which then meant I had to drop to my knees and get his cock hard and down my throat.

It was so nice to feel appreciated.

“Look at you, showing off.” – Gray
“I like rising to challenges.” – me

By the end of our scene, after much practice and hard work, I was able to deep throat Gray’s cock far enough to have my nose touching his pelvis, just the way he had wanted, the way he had described as he started giving that scene’s lesson.

“How can you do this? Writhing should make it less symmetrical, not more.” – Gray
“I’m quirky?” – me

Gray bound his harness on me intentionally a-symmetrical. He thought this would irk me, seeing as I tend to like things ordered. What he didn’t count on was my squirming from his manipulations throughout the scene ended up righting the orientation of the rope.

Also, since I was so into making sure his leathers were treated properly, I actually barely took note of the tie, instead allowing myself to enjoy the feel rather than be nagged by the work.

“Do you have a cigar?”

Also like Tied Down, Gray spent the majority of the blacking with a cigar in his mouth. This time, however, at the end of the scene the cigar was returned to me with an urging, “Smoke this when you are feeling down or want to treat yourself.” I imagine, when that moment comes, my mind will float back to our time in the Dungeon.

“We should say our goodbyes now.” – me
“Yeah, should’ve said those goodbyes.” – Gray, about fifteen minutes later

As Gray and I finished up, I felt I should get my goodbye in then. I had breakdown duties in the morning and suspected I would not see him before he left.

As we gathered our things, Stefanos, Nerine, and a lovely bottom ended up claiming our equipment for their scene. Gray commented to Stefanos about our inspiration for our play from the class that morning. We then left so that they could have their fun.

I drifted over to speak to a friend, but then ended up right back next to Gray as he spoke to Chey about our scene as well. Gray left, I gave Chey a hug, and set off to find a friend or two.

In the hallway, Gray had been stopped by a woman who complimented him on our scene. I ran into the two of them and expressed my happiness that she enjoyed watching us.

Once again, we drifted apart. I went to the water station, which was empty.  I found another, which had just enough to fill my water bottle half way. Gray approached me from behind, looking for hydration as well. I gave him half my haul.

Drifting apart again, I found Big Sis and chatted with her. Thankfully, during our conversation, the water stations were refilled. As we chatted, Gray reached over, took my water bottle, and refilled it. He made his way back into the Dungeon area as I stood with Amethyst a little longer.

But soon I, too, headed back towards the Dungeon. I had made a mental note, as Stefanos and Nerine began their scene, that I would come back to watch them. And, of course, I bumped into Gray again. That was when he made his comment. And, of course, that was the last time I saw him at WinterFire.

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