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Warm Up 2.0

With my beating complete it was time to treat Gray’s leathers. But, of course, first we warmed up.

While still in the middle of my soothing blowjob, Gray again helped me practice my deep throating. He commented on how he liked the flutter in the back of my throat, which was the physical manifestation of my gagging.

“Turn around; face down, ass up.” I obeyed.

Gray began fingering me. I was incredibly wet. Quite quickly, I asked permission to cum. He refused; he only had three fingers inside me. He slipped in his fourth and fifth easily; I was well warmed up from my weekend.

“I will punch you five times on your ass. On the fifth punch, you are allowed to cum.”

One. Two. Three. Four.

He hesitated, and then landed his fifth strike. I came hard, pushing back on his hand, enveloping his fist inside me; no glove, no lube.

Gray started fucking me with his fist. He got down on the floor and hovered just above my body as he rammed his hand into my cunt. I asked permission to cum again. He denied me. I asked, begged, again. He gave it. My abdomen convulsed.

My pleasure and pain rose with his strokes. When it almost became too much, I begged for a break, just a moment to breathe. He gave it, but it was merely a few breaths before he again starting pounding my pussy.

I made myself take it, pushed myself to go further for him, endured more for him. And, because I did, I felt another orgasm rising. I asked permission. He told me it would be my last; make it a big one.

He ordered me to cum. I screamed as my insides enjoyed the ride.

Gray slowly pulled his hand out, but then stopped, enlarged his fist at just the right spot, and gave me a last wave of pleasure and pain from the pressure of his knuckles spreading inside of me. Without closing his hand, he pulled out completely.

“You’re suppose to be working on my leathers. Setup your kit.”

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