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Choked Out

My Last Night: Choked Out
As we all walked back into the Naked House, I offered a small reprieve for NHF. Since he had missed my previous strip tease, I thought I could instead give him a sensual unzipping of my Zim jacket.

Settling back into the living room, everyone sat on the couch… except NHF, who stood in the middle of the room right behind me, right where I thought I would be dancing for him. I could hear and feel him take his shirt off. I then felt his whisper in my ear.

“May I take control?”

His arms around me, I leaned my head back and brushed my cheek on his chin. Gripping my hair, his free hand found my zipper. Slowly, oh so slowly, he crept my zipper down my jacket.

I rolled my body into his movement, snaking my flesh so that I might get close to the heat of his hand, so that I could add to the sensuality of the experience. Releasing my hair, his finger hooked into the top of my jacket and slipped it over my left shoulder. I curved my arm and shoulder inward, helping him.

“Let me do all the work,” he whispered.

I damn near melted right there.

“Press your body against me.”

He requested what I already wanted to do.

NHF began running his hands all over my body, exploring my flesh, my curves. He caressed my breasts, squeezed my hips, gripped my ass. Trailing his fingers back up, NHF pinched my nipples. I let out a small yelp. “That’s what I like to hear.”

Gripping my strands once more, NHF used the hair guidance system to reposition me in front of the fuck bed. Again his hands explored my body as I pressed my flesh into his.

“She’s leaving tomorrow?”

The disappointment was shared.

NHF sat down on the bed, spreading his legs wide. I followed, nestling myself into him. I was again surrounded by his arms. His hands once more went to my breasts. He began pinching them again. He wanted to hear me scream. After another yelp, this time I whispered to him.

“You can pinch harder.”

He increased his pain, until finally my voice built up and a scream exploded from my lips. NHF gripped my breasts hard and pulled my body close. I rocked my hips on the bed and into his crotch, the passion of the moment overtaking me.

But it was time for the intended fun. NHF prepped for my choke out. Sliding his arm around my neck, NHF lightly squeezed and released. I told him how his grip hurt my wind pipe a bit. NHF instructed me to turn my head to the right. He tried again. My wind pipe now eased, NHF told me to raise my left hand. This would be his signal for when to stop. Once my arm dropped, NHF would no longer squeeze.

The first time he choked me, I lost control of my left arm before I went out. My head leaned back. I began giggling. I was loopy and happy, smiling with a breathy laugh.

For his second choke, I again lost control of my arm before I went out. This time my forearms and fronts of my thighs tingled. I grumbled a little, but was curious about the new sensation.

For his third choke, I pushed myself to keep my arm up. I could feel it wanting to drop, but I held it up, not wanting to be disappointed once more.

Suddenly, everything went black. A flash of images rushed towards me. I had a vague dream of walking on a side street in a residential neighborhood.

Gently, my eyes opened. I heard music. I couldn’t remember where I was or what I was doing. In a rush, it came back to me. NFH still had his arms around me. I could feel his chest against my back. I felt exhilarated, yet comforted.

NHF complimented me, noted how I didn’t resist at all during my chokes, completely submitting to his will.

After a few more breaths, NHF got me to stand up and sat me in the comfy chair I had previously used for bootblacking. I grinned ear-to-ear, swimmy loopy happy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    God, so hot… your description matches my experiences with this perfectly, it makes me salivate a bit. Damn, I love and miss those sensations. Thank you for sharing!