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I expected little from my last night at Frolicon. I had already enjoyed a good event, nothing terribly momentous but a few days of chill fun.

So as I walked towards Vlad and Itonia, I smiled, happy to see familiar faces. Vlad was dressed in a dapper pinstripe suit and held a length of white nylon rope. Itonia wore a black and red leather corset with decorative buckles, as well as a black skirt to match.

Vlad was working on an asymmetrical chest harness on Itonia, but his length of rope was a bit short. When I greeted them, he was in the process of untying her. Once free, I asked if I could play with his rope.

I’m not sure how the conversation veered this way but it was decided Vlad would go get his rope bag. Itonia and I stayed in the dungeon chatting.

On a whim, I cinched the bite of the rope to my boot with a larks head and wound the chord up my leg, finishing with a loop around my waist. When Vlad returned, he and Itonia both agreed my work reminded them of a bionic leg.

Almost as soon as Vlad returned, Itonia walked off, saying she wanted water.

Vlad held rope in his hands, having wanted to tie Itonia again. Being a good friend and all, I offered my body for his work.

Again Vlad wanted to tie an asymmetrical harness. He started by securing my left wrist in front. Vlad then wound his ropes all around my chest and over my shoulders, creating interesting patterns. He pulled a length through my legs, placing it in the cleft between my thigh and cunt. He finished by tying my right hand behind my back.

As he worked, I found myself slipping into rope space. I leaned my body into his, brushed my hair and head against his.

“You smell so good,” he whispered into my ear.

Vlad too got into the moment, drawing the rope across my body, being brave with his ties. Before, when Vlad had tied Itonia with the one length of rope, he had seemed uncertain. I wanted to make him feel comfortable, wanted him to relax into the tying, wanted to get him out of his head and into his hands.

Before we even began, while merely chatting, I spoke about how tying isn’t just about the final product. It isn’t just about the type of rope or the knots. It’s about the connection between the persons involved. A rope scene isn’t just about the rope.

When Vlad tied me, we shared a connection.

As Vlad worked, Itonia ventured back for a moment, this time with two new acquaintances in tow. She stayed for but a moment before walking off with them. A few minutes later she returned, my body leaning up against a column in the room, my moans obvious, Vlad and I deep in the thick of the scene.

“Tell me when she looks bored.”
“Oh, she’s definitely not bored.”

The playful banter between the two of them only added to the energy we were building.

I heard them whisper something about having not asked my permission. Vlad was then on his knees by my side holding his cane. I gave my consent to its use.

My ass had almost forgotten the sting of a cane. Pops of pain seared my rump. With each stroke, I tipped my hips forward, then again arched my back, presenting my ass for further abuse. Itonia stroked my hair.

As the number of his hits increased, my resolve faltered. I began jumping about, avoiding his blows. Cleverly, I used Itonia as a shield. She had positioned herself right beside me. I twisted my body, pushing my ass into her, anything to avoid the next blow.

The two of them plotted. How would they get me to stand still?

Pulling over a chair, they had me kneel in it. Itonia sat in a chair in front of me, stroking my hair still and caressing my face. I kissed her palm each time it came near my lips.

“Do you like thuddy?”
“Shit, do I have anything that’s thuddy?”
“Your fists.Your elbows.Your knees.Your forearms.”

Vlad began punching my ass. Whereas before I had yelped from his blows, my voice once again switched to moans. His punches rocked my body forward. My left hand gripped the back of the seat while my chest bounced off the seat’s back. I could feel myself getting wet.

I stopped the scene for but a moment, asking Vlad to move the rope near my crotch. It was hemp rope and I didn’t want to…flavor it with myself. He loosened the rope. It now hung low enough to avoid my cunt which had turned quite slick.

Vlad began his punches again. I groaned and grunt as he alternated his hits on my cheeks. And before I knew it, I could feel it growing. Could feel the warmth in my abdomen. Could feel I needed to ask him a question.

“Please, please may I cum?”

Itonia and Vlad were both shocked at my request. Being a good friend, Itonia gave me a little advice.

“You have to ask nicely. And you have to you the magic word. He likes to be called Daddy.”

In that brief moment, I was as shocked as they previously were. Was this really about to happen? Was I really about to scream the title I had only uttered alone at home while wrenching around in my bed, my self administered pleasure engulfing me?

Itonia’s Daddy said yes.

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