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Often times, in the throws of passion, whether during sex or in the middle of a scene, my eyes are closed.

My Ex once asked me what I thought about when we fucked, my lids shut. He said I looked like I was gone, somewhere else.

He wasn’t wrong. When I fucked him, my head went to a Dominant place.

Fuck him. Fuck him, girl. Fuck him hard. Make him your bitch. Ride him, harder. Harder. Take it. Take your orgasm. Ride this bitch to your cum.

The one time I told him what I was thinking, yeah, he didn’t like hearing that.

After him, after many other lays, so many more scenes, my head no longer goes to that place. Instead of being far away, I in fact feel more present.

When I close my eyes, I close off the outside world. My presence exist only with you and me. I feel you, as much in my being as through my skin. Every fiber of me is with you, about you.

Without fail, if I am about orgasm, my eyes are closed. The act of fucking, the act of playing, anything physical and sexual or passionate evokes a strong physical and emotional reaction. So much so that my brain cannot process more than a few senses at a time.

When I am cuming, I close my eyes to feel it, relish in it. I allow my body to ride the waves, every bit of the ecstasy a part of me, racing through me. I scream because I have to express it, have to cry out the pleasure of my body. I have no other way of processing it, nor do I want another way.

I love screaming, love verbalizing the lust inside of me. My eyes closed, my body arched, my being so interlaced with yours…

When I close my eyes, I am not shutting off or shutting down. When I close my eyes, I am opening up, letting go, allowing myself to just be.

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