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His Smell

“You smell good.”

Three of us sat on the plush couch. We’d speculated if he would sit in the center, snuggled between two attractive black women, or if he’d take the spot next to our white coworker, or just sit in a chair.

When he did sit in between us, the joke became assigning him his new nickname, “Bitches.”

My coworker and I leaned into him. He draped his arm over my torso as I laid my head on his chest. That’s when I smelled him. That’s when I realized how much I was, am, attracted to him.

Of all the people in my work, he is by far the most attractive.  By far.

Even so, I know it probably won’t happen. See Don’t Shit Where You Eat for reason enough. And though I have just fucked guys I’ve worked with, and then nothing came of it, I don’t know. Is it worth it to take the chance?

I like him as a person. He’s funny, with a dirty sense of humor that isn’t annoying or creepy. And he’s thoughtful, if you ask his opinion. Helpful without prompting. And sweet at times. An overall good guy.

So no, it’s probably not going to happen, but I’m okay with that.

As we leaned against him, I was quite tired. I was in charge of the crew today, and as such had to deal with the event organizer who was quite frazzled. Keeping calm, I was able to help her through, at least with my part of the gig. She was pleased with our work.

But dealing with her, not taking a lunch break, and setting up in multiple rooms had taken its toll. I was wiped.

With his arm holding me, his hand softly brushing my bicep, and my head on his chest, I barely noticed how giggly the rest of my crew was. So much so that I didn’t realize they’d taken a picture of Bitches with his bitches. Once I glimpsed it, I saw photo showed just how tired I felt.

I went back to resting against him for as long as I could. But, as in all things, it ended. He had a phone call. I had to find the event organizer to deal with our meals. And eventually, with the party ended, we broke down the gear and left.

But I still remember what is was like against him. Still remember my head nuzzled on his chest. Still remember his arm around me. His body heat. His smell.

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