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I see you./Can you see me?/ Watching you/Loving it.*

It stood in the corner of his bedroom, unassuming. I found it odd that a man had a long mirror. Cheap. Ikea.

But then again, not really. It made perfect sense as soon as he was inside of me.

He fucked me from behind, doggy style, just the right position.

He made me watch, made me open my eyes. The mirror was perfectly placed, at just the right angle, for me to see us. For him to watch us.

I didn’t want to, at first. I kept my eyes closed. Even as he yelled. Even as he screamed at me.

Finally, one hand grabbed my hair, pulled my body up, my head right by his. His other hand enclosed around my neck.

“Open your eyes!” He barked his order in my ear. My lids shot open with his deep thrust.

“You are going to watch.” His fucking slowed.

My eyes locked on his through the reflection.

There was a concentration, control, yet ease in his gaze. His stare was intoxicating.

He relaxed the hand around my neck, then trailed his fingers over my skin. Down, over my breasts. Pinching my nipple, eliciting a sigh. Grabbing my boob, inciting a moan. Flatting out his hand, smoothing over the skin on my stomach. Scratching my pelvis. Creeping lower, lower. Til finally, lightly, massaging my clit in time with his thrusts.

My eyes wanted to close. I could feel my body warm, my desire to cum increasing. But I had never, ever, orgasmed with my eyes open.

I begged, pleaded with him. All I wanted was to cum. All I wanted was to cum for him. Still, he would not let me shut my lids.

“Cum for me,” he said. “Cum for me.”

And though I would never have believed it. Though it had never happened before. My body responded to his order. I shivered, quivered, shacked. The pleasure raced through me.

I screamed for him, came for him, my gaze never leaving his.

*Neyo – Mirror

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