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Missed You More


“Missed you.”
“Missed you more.”

Her lips were as soft as I remembered, painted the deep red that I loved. Her grin was still sly, still full of something secretive yet alluring. And her eyes.  I still could not help staring into her eyes.

She nibbled at my neck, grazed my hips with her nails, and breathed heavy into my ear.

“Been a long time.”
“Too long. Don’t you ever fucking stay away that long again.”

She grabbed my hair, tilted my head back, and planted a wet kiss on my lips. I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me. We both knew what we wanted, what we missed most.

In a flurry of discarded clothing, we were soon in her bed, naked, writhing on the sheets.

She bit my neck hard. I knew it would leave a mark. I loved knowing it would leave a mark.

My nails dung into her ass, round and sumptuous, just how I loved it. I smacked her ass hard, the crack echoing off her apartment walls.


Her teeth went straight for my nipple.


I shrieked. And moaned. And shrieked again.

Kicking my legs up, I flipped her onto her back. She didn’t relent from her dessert until my fingertip found her clit. Now it was her turn to moan.

She kissed me hard again, rocking her hips onto my hand. Her fingers found my nipple, this time lightly squeezing and tugging. My moans were lost in our kiss.

Seeing her opportunity, she pivoted me back onto my back. She always loves to be on top.

Her hand found my clit now. Less patient, or less fond of teasing, her fingers quickly slipped down my slick lips and inside me. I gasped, lifting my hips towards her hand. Two, three, four digits were soon inside me.

“Please, please,” I began to beg. “Oh God, please fuck my face.”

With her hand never leaving my cunt, her pussy was soon grinding against my mouth. I gripped the backs of her thighs for purchase, tasting what I had so longed to enjoy.

Finally slipping in her thumb, she fucked me with her fist, piston-like thrusts in time with her hips.

Her headboard banged against the wall. She moaned. I shrieked. Neither of us cared what her neighbors thought.

As I came, this time I screamed, “I missed you!”

As she came, this time she screamed, “Missed you more.”

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