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NHF Introduction

My Last Night: NHF Introduction

Shivering, but smiling, I sat in a chair on the side porch, joining Belarian and the Naked House Friend as they enjoyed some cigars. Introducing myself, both NHF and I were able to put faces to FetLife names.

Almost as soon as we began chatting, I noticed NHF had a nice head of ash on his cigar. Being the cigar slut that I am, having just met this person, I asked to eat ash out of his hand. He politely declined with a “Not yet.”

Instead NHF watched as I partook of a treat from Belarian’s hand. I stood up and checked that the backyard was clear, including the neighbor’s sight lines. Bending over, with just my Zim jacket on, the covering slipped up my ass, exposing my no-longer-hidden nudity. I happily licked and sucked the salty flecks from Belarian’s hand.

In the chill of the Minnesota evening, the three of us began talking about our journeys in kink. I mentioned Suicide Girls, Bound, the Ex, and my DO adventures. Belarian and NHF spoke about the Minnesota scene, jumping neck deep into the fun, and meeting each other at a most opportune moment.

As we talked, NHF’s cigar built up ash. Once again, I asked to eat it. This time he gave his consent with a question. “May I take control?” I whole-heartedly submitted.

NHF rolled his ash into his hand and passed his cigar off to Belarian. With his free hand, NHF gripped my hair. Holding me back as I went for the ash, NHF guided my head as I licked and sucked away the salty flecks. NHF quietly whispered his enjoyment, pleased as I ate his ash. I would have relished the feast for longer, but NHF stopped me, holding my head back and pulling his hand away.

As we continued to converse, Scotty came back out. It was time for him to go. He said his goodbyes, including giving me a hug.

Soon after Scotty left, PrincessA and Hautewerk found us outside. Our conversation continued, mostly centered on the Minnesota kink scene. PrincessA mentioned her interest in finding a knife top. NHF voiced his skills in that area. This information piqued my interest, as well, though I kept my opinion to myself.

NHF also mentioned how he enjoyed knocking people out. I pipped up, saying I liked breath play. NHF then explained how, when he makes someone pass out, it wasn’t breath play. In fact he was instead restricting blood flow to the brain, a technique he’d learned through martial arts training. This intrigued me even more. I said I would love to have him choke me out. PrincessA, listening to our conversation, was skeptical.

By this time, Belarian again had ash to give. He asked me for permission to rest his ash on my tongue. I allowed his play, asking him to be very careful. He was only able to manage a little; I was tentative, nervous. PrincessA asked for the same treatment from Belarian. He was able to get more into her mouth. Belarian, in turn, asked NHF to place the rest of the ash into his mouth.

“Tell me if it is too hot.” As Belarian and NHF played, the last of the ash fell to the ground.
“It was too hot, wasn’t it?”

NHF, by this time, also had more ash. Again I asked to partake of his treat.

“May I take control again?”

Gripping my hair as he had before, NHF guided my head. Instead of bending my neck and eating from his hand, NHF instead moved his hand, dragging his palm and fingers over my tongue and lower lip. He turned my head to the side and lightly kissed my cheek. As I tried to kiss his lips, he held my head back, keeping my lips at bay. Instead he gave me just a hint of the affection, teasing me so.

“You make excellent noises.”
“So I’ve been told.”
“I want to choke you out.”

We headed back inside.

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