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Bound By Burn —

East Chicago ~erotica~ I knelt before him, clothed in only a tank top and panties. The wet grass under my knees and feet was cool, a small breeze giving a slight chill to the air. He sat on the stairs of his wooden deck, his right boot the closest part of his body to me. When I […]

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Stigma —

“Feelings are not facts.” – Doc, on my need to put others first because if I don’t I feel like a bad person.  He subsequently pointed out that often the ways we use to avoid pain in fact cause us more pain; my putting others first only reinforces my belief that I am worth less […]

Unique —

No one is a special special snowflake. No matter what you may believe, what your parents taught you, your teachers, your mentors, or whoever wanted to get into your pants. You are not a special special snowflake. I say this as much to anyone else as to myself. For a time, I have been left […]

A Show —

We all sat, luxuriating on the couches, our bellies full with delicious foods. Randomly, Hammer subtly gestured to the seating area directly across from us, about twenty feet away. With his body turned, blocking the sight line of the foreign assemblage, he spoke. “They’re looking at us.” Indeed, when I peaked my head to my […]

Dancing —

“Stop spinning.” She whispered it into my ear, her breathy voice carrying the grin on her face. I breathed deep, my head against hers, a smile across my lips as well. Soft silk pressed against my eyes, blocking out the world. And my lids weren’t the only ones shielded. It was just me, her, and […]

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Mirror —

~erotica~ I see you./Can you see me?/ Watching you/Loving it.*It stood in the corner of his bedroom, unassuming. I found it odd that a man had a long mirror. Cheap. Ikea. But then again, not really. It made perfect sense as soon as he was inside of me. He fucked me from behind, doggy style, […]

A Master And His Pet —

~erotica~ “New ones, young ones, budding masters and studious apprentices, a dark time is upon us. I need not tell you of the threat looming beyond, for I know you all feel it. We train you, we guide you, in hopes that one day, when you must fight, you will use the power, the knowledge we […]

Connection —

I expected little from my last night at Frolicon. I had already enjoyed a good event, nothing terribly momentous but a few days of chill fun. So as I walked towards Vlad and Itonia, I smiled, happy to see familiar faces. Vlad was dressed in a dapper pinstripe suit and held a length of white […]

What Now —

~erotica~ “It’s okay. It’s been a while. Stare. I don’t care if you stare at me. Unless I’m inside you. Then I want you to stare at me.” He has a girlfriend now. We had been flirting all night, my first night back. And then he told me. “Everything in me wants to be inside […]