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A Good Start

Today I took my brother to a sex shop.

No, I am not joking.

Yes, my brother.

Yes, a sex shop.

With dildos and lube and clothes and videos.

A sex shop.

Really, it was necessary. Since I’ve known and viewed him as an adult, he’s been very sexually repressed, casting judgements on his predilections, too nervous to do what he obviously wanted to do.

I came out to him as kinky about a year or two ago. He just revealed his kink to me in the past few months. Baby steps.

Being that today was a Sunday, I wasn’t sure the store would be open. But it was on the way to his house, so why not. We caught them thirty minutes before they closed.

When we walked in, one of the owners greeted us. She gave us a quick lay of the land, explaining where things were. And then we were off.

I let him roam ahead, let him find things. If he had a question, I answered it. I also interjected other facts I felt he should know.

I must admit, I was a little squicked as I did this. I still remember him as the little kid I met when I was fifteen and he was eleven. He’s twenty-five now, attractive, a good guy. He deserves to be happy, so I sucked it up and helped out my Bro.

Eventually we ended up in the kink and fetish area.

“I swear, it’s genetic!” – SkinnyBitch

I’m inclined to agree with her.

My brother selected an item. I, seizing upon the opportunity, also purchased something for myself. He kept wanting things in a specific color, and then he wanted things that vibrated. Eventually we found him an adequate toy and made our way back to the register.

Talking this time to the second owner, the husband of the married duo, there was a short lecture on lube.

“You always need more lube.” – me

As we walked out, purchases in tow, I asked, “Now was that so hard?”

He pointed out there were no other people in the store, it was a Sunday, a holiday, and the owners were nice, so no it wasn’t. Whether or not he’ll be back though…

I hope he will. Baby steps.

It is my plan to drag him to a munch, and then eventually a happy hour. Maybe some day in the future we will have to coordinate events, making sure our paths don’t cross. But, for now, a visit to a sex store is a good start.

This was definitely not an activity I expected to participate in ever, let alone on Father’s Day.

We actually saw our father, and spent time with family I met for the first time today. But that is a story for another post.

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