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At the moment…

…I am kneeling, naked save for an asshook in my upturned rear, face to Graydancer’s right boot while his left is on my back. In fact, I’m not actually typing this, but it is the absolute truth. I invited him to do an interrogation scene, and the net result is this entry which signifies his successful elicitation of my email and password to this blog. He had threatened that once he gained this information from me, he would post the following:

The Truth.
My readers will have heard me talk a lot about various riggers I’ve been around. Such as Big Bro, Graydancer, and others such as Scotty.
I’ve been very complimentary to these folks, and put up with their shit since I figured I could use them to learn how to do some pretty neat things.
However, the time has arrived where I am at an event where I have been suspending, tying, even jumping in and correcting Graydancer during his cigar play class. The fact is, I don’t need these pretentious assholes and all their egomaniacal drama any more.
So finally, I can tell the truth about how I teally feel about these assholes.
For example, Gray is a man severely in decline. He has the typical middle-aged gut, and the obvious overweening desire to please common to men of a certain age desperate for attention. 

While I will certainly go into more detail about the scene later, as is my wont, for now, I leave you with the knowledge that even though I suspected he would put that up there, I went ahead and gave him the passwords anyway.

The funny thing is that at the end, I said “Ah, so that’s what an interrogation scene is like.” And I think, just for a moment, Gray might have wondered exactly who gained the most info during the last hour…

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