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Audience Participation

“Who are you going to fuck with that?”

I had remained at NHF’s knee, watching the various happenings, as Slut delighted in her scene with Dov. However we did have a play date set. Me and her, my vagina and her fist. This however was augmented when she approached me wearing her big blue cock.

With an audience of two in tow, NHF and a kinkster, and a service top to boot, my One Rope Partner, our little party moved towards the end of the room previously occupied by WykD_Dave & Clover who had since departed.

Laying down a sheet and a chuck, the fun began. Slut stripped off my clothes, and ORP began tying me. Using some hojo rope (oh, how delightful) he restrained my arms crossed behind my head. He also frogged both of my legs.

Slut playfully beat me with her big blue cock before slipping on a condom and lubing up.

And then began the fucking.

Slut and I have fucked before. In fact I broke in her big blue cock when she first bought it at last year’s FetFest. As she pounded, and I screamed, I asked permission to cum. Thankfully, she gave it more often then not.

But, being as I was acting kind of bratty, and we both were in a playful mood, this would not be the only activity for our scene.

With a stroke of genius, Slut grabbed her knitting bag, pulled out some string, and wrapped it around my boots.

“But you’re a puppy.”
“I’m a puppy for some.”
“You’re a puppy playing with a pussy all wrapped up in string.”

For my snark, Slut used her knitting needles to strike my nipples. And, when once again I ask permission to cum, she began punching my chest. Five hits. I waited, endured the pain, before I was finally given permission for my ecstasy.

As we were fucking on the sheet, I had completely forgotten we had an audience. That is until the audience members joined us on the floor.

NHF again wore his leather harness, but this time with no other clothing. The kinkster donned a strap-on. The pair, right next the fun Slut and I were having, enjoyed some fucking of their own.

As Slut and I continued our amorous interaction, I asked for a position change. My legs had begun to cramp. With a simple push, I ended up on my side. Slut then went back to our fun.

Soon, though, I had to end our fucking. Though my legs had had a momentary reprieve, they’d begun to cramp again, and now the strain on my neck had grown to more than noticeably uncomfortable.

Rolling me onto my back again, Slut and ORP began untying me. I looked over at NHF and the kinkster, who had since ended their time as well, and sought out aid.

Gaining permission to call him Sir again, I asked, “Sir, can you hold up my leg please?” His aid attained, being polite I uttered a “Thank you Sir” while trying to relax my legs and neck.

Soon I was free of my bindings, happy glowy from my time with Slut and her big blue cock.

But there were still more orgasms in my future Sunday evening.

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