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Family —

buy Lyrica online canada “It was great meeting you, even though it took til now.”“Yeah, well, that’s life sometimes.”“Yes, but you’re family.” My Father’s Day was such a mindfuck on multiple different levels. I’ve already blogged about taking my brother to a sex shop (See: A Good Start). What I haven’t talked about, though, is the cookout we went […]

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e[lust] 37 —

Photo courtesy of Molly at Molly’s Daily KissWelcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust]. Want to be included in e[lust] #38? Start with […]

A Good Start —

Today I took my brother to a sex shop. No, I am not joking. Yes, my brother. Yes, a sex shop. With dildos and lube and clothes and videos. A sex shop. Really, it was necessary. Since I’ve known and viewed him as an adult, he’s been very sexually repressed, casting judgements on his predilections, […]

Popping A Cherry —

He had never fisted anyone before. For some reason, this surprised me. He showed me his hands. He wondered if I was sure I could take him. I smiled and held back a chuckle. We moved to near our original spot, though this time we would share a sheet with other friends. I laid my […]

Audience Participation —

“Who are you going to fuck with that?”“Her.” I had remained at NHF’s knee, watching the various happenings, as Slut delighted in her scene with Dov. However we did have a play date set. Me and her, my vagina and her fist. This however was augmented when she approached me wearing her big blue cock. […]

A Good Friend —

Connection. Appreciation. Care. Love. Watching WykD_Dave & Clover play Sunday night in a small side room of the dungeon was so powerful, so moving, I started crying. Seeing what they had. Remembering what I didn’t. Quickly and quietly, I slipped out of the space, grabbed a tissue from the rest room, and re-entered, taking my […]

Reprise —

After tapping my pinkie toe and assuring Veskrashen I was fine. After dinner, Chicago style pizza with friends at a nearby restaurant. After showering, getting ready, and chugging a Sparx. After my afternoon, it was time for my evening. For Sunday night, I donned a new dress. It was a black, tight, cotton stretch with […]

Torturous Rope —

“Little different from the last class.” – ORP“Yeah, but it’s still one rope.” – Veskrashen As I squirmed on the ground in excruciating pain, intermittently crying and laughing, Veskrashen, my current class partner, and my previous partner from the proceeding lesson, WykD_Dave & Clover’s One Rope, uttered that perfect exchange above. Yes, our current lesson […]

Daydream —

As soon as I saw him, I thought Shit, here we go again. He fit a type I like: tall, broad shoulders, attractive face, and funny. He was to be my crew chief for the day and this was a ten hour call. Still, there were many distractions. First, and most prominently, there was the […]

Yes And… —

There were three rules. There were three skills. And there was a whole lot of fun. I overslept Sunday, the last full day of my Shibaricon. My roommates decided to have an amorous encounter at 3:45am the night before, so I put in my head phones and turned the music up. This was great for […]