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“I swung by the Barn last night. It sounded like you were having fun.”

I picked my blue H&M sundress because it was comfy, cute, and hugged all my curves the way I liked. I slipped on white knee high socks and my new-ish purple flats, rounding out the cuteness of my outfit.

Stepping out onto the porch, I cranked my flashlight and chatted nervously. We’d only played once before on a whim. This time I had been the instigator. And now all I could think was, Holy shit. This is going to happen.

The few of my cabinmates also on setup crew were amused by my jitters. To them I looked cute, and was about to play before the event officially started. They shooed me away, and told me to have fun.

Walking around camp when it was that dark and desserted was an odd feeling, but having a destination gave me some comfort.

I lightly took each step up to the cabin porch, and slowly opened the door. He laid on his bed, naked, typing on his phone. Apparently I had perfect timing. He was just about to hit send on a message for me.

I crept closer to his bed, sat down my bag, and leaned against his air mattress. We chatted for a moment, easing my jitters, before he pulled me onto the bed. I slipped off my shoes, and curled into him. We kissed and chatted some more, relaxing me still further, before his teeth sunk into me.

He bit and nipped at my flesh. I sighed and moaned. He slowly pulled up my dress. As we kissed, he attempted to unhook my bra, but found my multitude of hooks difficult. Finally freeing my breasts for his enjoyment, he pulled my dress and bra to just above my chest, partially trapping my arms. First he suck, and then bit my nipples.

He bit all over my body, exploring my flesh with his teeth. When his mouth found its way to my neck, I loved the feel so much I wrapped my arm around his head to keep him there. He began fingering my clit, finding I was already very wet. I asked permission to cum and he gave it.

Soon more fingers played inside me as he continued to grip at my flesh. The pleasure of his digits in me mixed with the excruciating pain of his bites to my Mons. “Fuck, I forgot you have the word ‘Sadist’ in your name.”

I cried from the pain. I moaned from the pleasure. I asked his permission to cum again and again. “You’re so greedy.” I prefer to think of it is talented.

He made me wait, at first counting backwards from five. Then counting backwards from ten. And then counting backwards from 100. “97, 84, 72, 69, 54, 49, 34, 38, 23, 18, 9, pi, 2, cum!”

So vigorous was our fun that I found myself slipping off the side of his massive bed. We readjusted, thus ending round 1.

He pulled my dress and bra off of me. We were both breathing heavy, but neither of us wanted to stop. In a moment of respite, his lips met mine, parted, and fed me refreshment from his mouth. His tongue mixed with the cool drink. It was the only time I have ever enjoyed iced tea.

Joining me in the center of his bed, we went back to where we left off. His fingers in me. His teeth gnawing at me. He pushed me harder still, slapping my pussy, fingering my asshole as he fisted me, pinching and gripping at chunks of my flesh, pressure points, grabbing mounds of flesh and then biting his selections. He bit and fist fucked me deep. The pain increased. The orgasms rolled.

Round 2 ended because of a simple truth: it was getting late and we had setup in the morning. As much as I wanted to keep getting abused by Pyro, we both needed sleep. Snuggling up to him, we drifted off as SirRonC stepped into the cabin around 12:15am.

And then I felt soft hands on my hips, soft kisses on my shoulder. It was 1:15am, and Pyro was up for round 3.

I worried we would disturb Ron as we played, so I put a pillow over my mouth. Again Pyro’s teeth sunk into me, his hand in my pussy, my orgasms rolling. I didn’t want to wake Ron, so I stopped asking permission to cum, silencing my screams with the pillow. My body was happy to enjoy Pyro’s manipultions yet again.

When I reclined my head back once, and saw Ron was not in fact in the cabin, I pushed the pillow aside and screamed to my heart’s content. I locked my legs around Pyro’s arm and began fucking his hand yet harder. He swiveled his body and I began sucking his cock as well.

Around 2am we stopped again. I needed to be up at 6:30am. Pyro set an alarm and was fast asleep.

I laid on the bed, naked, face down with my ass feeling the slight coolness in the air. When I felt like I was about to slip off into my dreams, I heard the cabin door open again. It was Ron. Once I heard him settle into his own bed, I slipped a blanket over my body and fell asleep.

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