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A Love Abduction

There was lots of water for everyone; we all were sweaty and exhausted. I slumped over, chugging a bottle, and then another.

Even with all my screaming (the scene had lasted about an hour and there were few times when I was silent), my voice was not hoarse. I’d never pushed my voice that long and hard before. It was nice to learn something new about myself.

Sugary things were the next to come out. Bananas, Gushers, and fruit cups circled around the group.

People rubbed my back, played with my hair, and made sure I was okay.

As Gray stood up, I rested my head against his hip, reached my arm around his leg, and leaned against him. Later he stepped away so others could come in to hug me.  After a few parting embraces, I waved him back over. I hugged him once more before he had to depart.

We all gathered up our things. My tattered clothes were coming with me. I tossed around the idea of making a blanket out of all my destroyed clothing from the weekend.

N3rddom had an entire box of things for the abduction, from safer sex supplies to many toys that didn’t get to come out. We picked up all our trash. We left the place as we’d found it.

The group disbursed. People had playdates, classes, and staff errands to attend to. N3rddom said he would walk me back through the woods to my cabin. My other captors walked across the small bridge towards the other side of the lake.

We had been in the obstacle course, a part of camp I had never visited before. I’d say my scene was an excellent introduction to the space.

As N3rddom and I trekked back up the rocky and muddy hill, I held his hand. Both of us were still high on adrenaline and endorphins.

We began talking about the experience. I laughed jovially that I would be bra-less for the rest of camp. Gray had, in fact, cut off the only two I’d brought with me.

N3rddom was slightly anxious. He very much wanted to make sure I’d had a good time, that his devious plans had been successful. I assured him that all went well; I’d had a splendid time.

N3rddom began mentioning all the things he had planned: an ass hook, clover clamps for my pussy. But the group never got around to his other implements because everyone was having so much fun just hitting me.

“You know Kristen, this was very much a love abduction. Everyone there was there because they are crazy about you…When you get down, when you feel like shit, remember everyone there loved you.”

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