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Abduction part 1

I had a feeling…

When I woke up Saturday morning, I knew from that breath on my abduction could happen at any moment.

After a quick shower, I donned my purple and black dress, as well as my purple flats, and headed down towards the Pavilion. I was to demo bottom during the first class session.

I was nervous. And I had a feeling.

Something told me my abduction would happen after my morning class. Looking at my schedule, I saw I had a huge block of time where I wasn’t doing anything. For a few hours I had no obligations and no classes I wished to attend. I hadn’t done this on purpose; it just happened.

So I had a feeling.

As the class finished up, I got my things together slowly. I had had so much fun demo bottoming, I was happy, gleeful. And, at a few points during the class, I had forgotten about my abduction.

I will admit, though, it did occur to me that because I was restrained the presenter could’ve left me bound on the matt, and the team could’ve swooped in, picked me up, and carried me away.

But that didn’t happen…yet.

As I was hanging out with friends, chatting and smiling, Slut came over. She had a brilliant idea: Waffle House. I finished putting on my clothes and grabbed my things.

As we walked up the hill from the Pavilion, my mind drifted to thoughts of eggs, bacon, sausage, and waffles.

Strangely, though, I saw there was a truck parked on the grass above us. And the camp photographers were hanging out by it. And they were looking at me.

And then I heard the boot stomps. Clomp Clomp Clomp. “Oh fuck.” BOOM!!!

I was on the ground. “Hey pretty girl,” said Big Bro.

A hood went over my head.

“But I wanted Waffle House…”

It had started.

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