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Abduction part 4

Lying on my back, I was now completely naked. They pulled off all remaining pieces of fabric of my tattered dress, as well as slipped the strap of my Hello Kitty bag over my head.

CandleLover held my left arm. Cannonball gripped my right arm. My back rested on their thighs. Murphy was on my right leg and Gray on my left. I couldn’t get away. There was nowhere to go.

Slut again drew targets, this time on my chest. The marker she used scratched my skin terribly, a mere warm up for their punches. With her targets drawn, Slut began fisting me while others gave me more pain.

First people took turns abusing my chest. Murphy intended to use his double barrel shot gun method, but he made me ask for it. The first time I asked, he said I wasn’t loud enough. The second time I screamed as hard as I could.

“Murphy, please hit me with the double barrel shot gun!”

He slammed both his fists into my chest. I was grateful for CandleLover and Cannonball supporting my torso, even if I was their hostage.

Now it was Gray’s turn. He told Murphy how Big Bro was mentioned in my interrogation. Gray said how he didn’t punch as hard as Murphy, so he made up for it in number of hits and increased speed. Gray punched quickly all over my chest. He also struck my stomach and my thighs.

Gray again pulled out his cane, the one that was great for leaving marks, and continued to attack my chest. He hit my nipples and lashed at the underside of my breasts.

Then both Murphy and Gray sunk their fingers into my flesh, waves of pain surging from their pressure points manipulations. Meanwhile CandleLover’s nailed gripped my breasts and scratched my skin.

I was given some reprieve as Cannonball poured water into my mouth. I gratefully gulped down the entire bottle, getting about a minute break before the torture continued.

With my short breather, I was finally able to start enjoying Slut’s fisting, whereas before it had been a way to endure the pain. As she continued to work, I could feel an orgasm rising. N3rddom brought out a vibrator and placed it on my clit. The crew made me endure more pain before I was allowed to cum.

When I asked permission, Murphy insisted I beg for my orgasm. He made me scream out the names of the event organizers, but they were nowhere within hearing distance. Then he made me ask the photographers, who had been shooting the abduction the entire time.

When I begged the duo to allow me to cum, the male of the two replied, “In a minute.”

“I like you. You can run with us,” said Murphy.

Gray gripped my throat. My eyes locked on his. He began counting back from five. When he finished, I was allowed to cum.

Finally, finally, I felt lustful beautiful warmth surge through my abdomen. Finally I was rewarded for my pain.

Slut switched out with PrudeNate. Time for Round two.

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