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His Plan

Having spoken to N3rddom A LOT about my abduction, as well as having sent him an email detailing my thoughts on the scene, he set out to contact and organize my would-be captors. After his initial inquiry, the following is the message he sent them.

Subject: Abduction of Poetic Desires Details

I have talked with Kristen a good bit about this. Much of our discussion ended up in a memo she wrote for me about how she imagined the experience would go. If you have comments or additions, just respond to all and we will discuss them. If you want to do something to her that is not covered herein or that you aren’t sure about, just ask me and I will put it to her or decide based on our discussions.

Call or text if you have any questions: xxx-xxx-xxxx



BYO: gloves, condoms, wipes, cigars, hurty things, Strap-ons, dildos, water bottles, knives

We need people to commit to bring the following from their personal stashes.

Zip ties
Handcuffs—preferably fuzzy ones.
One type of all-purpose silicon or water-based lube
Water for scene and aftercare
Clothes for Kristen after the scene
Rope for tie downs–but rope must not touch her body. This last part will be a surprise, but I think a nicely challenging one for someone who responds so greatly to rope.


No role playing is required. Kristen’s original idea was that her assailants were coworkers. Later, she rejected that and we came with the prompt “Hey pretty girl” based on her being hailed by men outside a bar after DO (or was it TNG) Happy Hour one night. Our latest discussions have determined that we are ourselves, her friends and lovers. I pointed out that, given the participants, it was likely at least one of us would make her laugh at some point. That’s OK by her. She brought up that she might try to mind-fuck us back by asking how people who claim to care about her could hurt her like this. For myself, I probably won’t engage her verbally in some sort of argument—I am thinking I won’t speak directly to her at all unless whispering sweet evil in her ear.

We all need to keep an eye out for other people getting too close. Kristen writes:

No one may enter the scene unless I give pre-approval.

Entering the scene also includes watching the scene in my eye line and talking/speaking so that I can hear them. If others wish to watch that I have not preapproved, they MUST STAY SILENT AND OUT OF MY FIELD OF VISION.


Time: Saturday, 11:31 AM outside the Pavilion. As of the draft schedule, no one is teaching at this time and Kristen will be finishing up demo-bottoming for a class. I think it will be a surprise.

We could totally spend days sharing schedules and deciding on the absolute best time for everyone. Let’s start with this time and see what we can make happen.

Place: The scene originally discussed involved Kristen being bound and left in the open for others to use. She decided that was a good idea for the second kidnapping experience, not the first. Given her concern for certain people involving themselves (I will take care of that part if they show up or lurk), I think the woods are a good idea. Since we will be starting by the Pavilion, an obvious place would be the obstacle course. We will carry/drag/push her there. We should look for a place with some decent attachment points.

Mood: Jovial sadism. Comfortable cruelty. We are a bunch of good friends having good times, laughing, joking, and fucking her up. Perhaps we should not indicate an interest in her pleasure, except as her experience of pleasure degrades her further.

Rising Action

Murphy will be directing the take down itself–more on this later.

As Kristen leaves the Pavilion, one of us, standing to the side of the steps in the grass, talking to someone she knows is not involved in the scene, will greet her: “Hey pretty girl.” She will come over and engage the speaker in conversation. This person should probably be themselves—for the moment. The take-down team will move into the Pavilion and, blending with the crowd leaving the class, take position behind her. This team, led by Murphy, will then take her down. Kristen plans to fight. She will need to be restrained and coerced into going down the path to the obstacle course.

I will have a longish chain we could lock around her to maneuver her.  I kind of like the idea of chaining one foot and letting her try to get away. We could let her try to run away with the hood on and catch her a couple of times, if that appeals to you all. Kristen writes:

Then, either through brutal force (knock me off my feet) or slick threats (knife to the throat; arm bar; etc) I am restrained. You mentioned you’d like the use of a hood. Whatever way you choose, I want my eyes to be covered and my wrists & ankles restrained.  This is will take, at minimum, five people. (Note: Please take care with my glasses.)

I am carried off, either on people’s shoulders, dumped into the trunk of a car, the back of a cart, etc. I will, most likely, be crying, pleading for help, etc. BE FOREWARNED: I may fightback, hard.


Kristen has made it explicit that Gray, Murphy, Slut, DeepEnd, and Darien have permission to do to her things they have done before in play. What they do should not be taken as permission for the rest of us to do the same. For example, DeepEnd can cut her as he has before. If anyone else wants to cut her, you need to ask first and make sure Kristen tells me it is ok. Similarly, Gray has burned her with a cigar. She’d like that to happen again, but maybe leave that up to him.

I am going to let Kristen describe the assault herself.

I am eventually dumped on the ground somewhere in the woods, or just in the grass in the middle of camp, or by the lake; it is somewhere different. I am restrained to a tree or rock or something to keep me from running away. Of course this assumes you don’t want me to run away in panic. If you do, dump me, I’ll stumble up, etc.

When I am finally bound/circled to where the hurt can begin, I can be punched, face slapped, kicked, elbowed, flogged, caned, whipped, spanked, scratched, hair pulled. NO ELECTRICAL.

I have a phobia of my nipples being torn off. You may pinch and twist, but NO NIPPLE CLAMPS.

Breath play is allowed.

No watersports or scat. No vomit. No spit.

You asked about insults. Anything sexual is allowed (cunt, whore, slut, bitch, etc.). However insulting my intelligence or my body will not fly. I will most likely end the scene right there, or at the very least call black [see Safewords below]. Taunts are fine. Interrogations are awesome.

You may force me to do sexual acts (oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, hand jobs, fingering, fisting, titty fucking), but all parties must be wearing proper STI barriers and there must be lube if there is anal. Strap-ons are more than welcome, as well as vibrators.

[Exceptions to barriers if the receiver so wishes: Oral sex with Gray, Murphy, Slut, & Darian; also Gray has fisted me once without gloves or lube, he may do so again if he wishes].

. ..

Speaking of, common sense reigns the day on all things: no broken bones, no face bruises, no burns that will last more than a week.

Knives are good. No cuts to the face.

If you come up with other ideas, as always feel free to run them by me and I’ll give a yea or nay.

– Safewords

I want to follow the traffic light standard:

Green means “good/keep going”. Yellow means “give me a moment” or “check in with me” or “not that implement/act” or “stop using that on me now”. Red means “END THE SCENE NOW”! I hope to not Red.

[Added variations: Beige means “I’m bored/speed it up.” Black means “headspace trouble; check with me.” Orange means “I’m getting close to done.”]

My one addition to this is Cigars: there will be cigars. Blow the smoke in her face, make her eat ash off your cocks—standard cigar play short of actual burning will be quite welcome.

It will probably be warm. We should be wary of Kristen’s dehydration and give her water as necessary.


I had mentioned the possibility of cutting souvenirs from her hair, and she said we could take locks that wouldn’t be seen—definitely no hair cutting that would be noticeable—but I am thinking we just skip that. Feel free to mind fuck her about shaving her head, though, because she REALLY doesn’t want us to do that. I have explicit permission from her that we may threaten absolutely anything as long as we stay within her stated boundaries.

When we are done with her, we leave her as she is when we’re finished, bound or not doesn’t matter. I want her to have the experience of feeling abandoned and alone, then calling out for help.

At that point, the aftercare team swoops in and takes care of her. Since we are crazy about her, the rest of us can then sneak back and check in. Regarding aftercare, Kristen writes:

Aftercare will need to be, at minimum, water and human contact for ten minutes to possibly include hugging, cuddling, head stroking, back rub, etc. If it is chilly, a blanket would be preferable or one of my hoodies.

PoeticDesires Abduction Cheat-Sheet

Explicit Yes:

Slapping face
Hair pulling
Breath play
Sexual insults and taunts
Hand jobs
Titty fucking

Explicit No:

Nipple clamps
Cuts to the face
Broken bones
Facial bruises
More than very minor burns
Insulting her intelligence
Insulting her body
Cutting hair
Sexual contact without STI barriers


Green =”good/keep going”
Yellow = “give me a moment” or “check in with me” or “not that implement/act” or “stop using that on me now”
Beige = “I’m bored/speed it up.”
Black =”headspace trouble; check with me.”
Orange = “I’m getting close to done.”

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