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Going into Fusion, I knew I wanted an abduction.  I had previously attempted one at the last Fusion, but instead called off the scene. 

For this year, I chose my friend N3rddom to organize and coordinate the affair with my approved captors to make this scene happen.

As part of the process, N3rddom asked me to send him an email outlining my thoughts and ideas included in the multiple conversations we had leading up to the event.

The following is the email I sent him.

Fusion Abduction Ideas

– Sunday

I will leave the entirety of my Sunday free. Any classes I may want to attend I will inform you of, and should I deviate from said schedule I will text/call you immediately. This leaves the whole day for you to plan.

After much thought, I’d rather the abduction happen on the last day. It will build up the anxiety and I will not have to worry about being so worn out from the scene that I’d have to cancel anything after it.

[Note: I opened up both Saturday and Sunday due to scheduling conflicts from both myself and my captors.]

– Clothing

For the day, I will wear destroyables (save my bra) which can be torn, cut, or burned off of me. These scraps may be given away as trophies, left to me as mementos, or a combination of the two.

– “Hey pretty girl.”

I imagine the participants tormenting me all day with the code phrase, “Hey pretty girl.” This would be their greeting, and I would be obligated to come over and speak with them warmly, never knowing if this is the time when my abduction starts.

– Participants

List of people ok-ed to participate. I left you out because, well, that is obvious.

1- Gray; 2- Murphy; 3- Slut; 4- SirRonC; 5- DarianIlRe; 6- BlackBeard; 7- DeepEnd; 8- Lochai; 9- Lqqkout; 10- PrudeNate; 11- CandleLover; 12- SkinnyBitch; 13- Celeste

If you would like to have someone not listed participate, please run the name by me before Fusion and I will give a yes or no. No one may enter the scene unless I give pre-approval.

Entering the scene also includes watching the scene in my eye line and talking/speaking so that I can hear them. If others wish to watch that I have not preapproved, they MUST STAY SILENT AND OUT OF MY FIELD OF VISION.

People absolutely not allowed include X, Y, and Z.  [Names redacted out of courtesy.]

– Aftercare

Aftercare will need to be, at minimum, water and human contact for ten minutes to possibly include hugging, cuddling, head stroking, back rub, etc. If it is chilly, a blanket would be preferable or one of my hoodies.

Names of possible aftercare folk: 1- Amethyst; 2- RockStarIsis; 3- Celeste (talk of hair time); 4- persons listed above if they wouldn’t mind/could do it after being in that dark headspace.

– The Scene

“Hey pretty girl,” a friend says to me. I walk over and greet them, chatting happily.

Then, either through brutal force (knock me off my feet) or slick threats (knife to the throat; arm bar; etc) I am restrained.

You mentioned you’d like the use of a hood. Whatever way you choose, I want my eyes to be covered and my wrists & ankles restrained. This will take, at minimum, five people. (Note: Please take care with my glasses.)

I am carried off, either on people’s shoulders, dumped into the trunk of a car, the back of a cart, etc. I will, most likely, be crying, pleading for help, etc. BE FOREWARNED: I may fight back, hard.

I am eventually dumped on the ground somewhere in the woods, or just in the grass in the middle of camp, or by the lake; it is somewhere different. I am restrained to a tree or rock or something to keep me from running away. Of course this assumes you don’t want me to run away in panic. If you do, dump me, I’ll stumble up, etc.

When I am finally bound/circled to where the hurt can begin, I can be punched, face slapped, kicked, elbowed, flogged, caned, whipped, spanked, scratched, hair pulled. NO ELECTRICAL.

I have a phobia of my nipples being torn off. You may pinch and twist, but NO NIPPLE CLAMPS.

Cigar play is allowed.

Breath play is allowed.

No watersports or scat. No vomit. No spit.

You asked about insults. Anything sexual is allowed (cunt, whore, slut, bitch, etc.). However insulting my intelligence or my body will not fly. I will most likely end the scene right there, or at the very least call black [see Safewords below]. Taunts are fine. Interrogations are awesome.

You may force me to do sexual acts (oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, hand jobs, fingering, fisting, titty fucking), but all parties must be wearing proper STI barriers and there must be lube if there is anal. Strap-ons are more than welcome, as well as vibrators.

(Exceptions to barriers if the receiver so wishes: Oral sex with Gray, Murphy, Helen, & Darian; also Gray has fisted me once without gloves or lube, he may do so again if he wishes)

You had talked about walking away and leaving me “alone” to cry and wail for help; this is an option if you would like.

Speaking of, common sense reigns the day on all things: no broken bones, no face bruises, no burns that will last more than a week.

Knives are good. No cuts to the face.

If you come up with other ideas, as always feel free to run them by me and I’ll give a yea or nay.

– Safewords

I want to follow the traffic light standard:

Green means “good/keep going”. Yellow means “give me a moment” or “check in with me” or “not that implement/act” or “stop using that on me now”. Red means “END THE SCENE NOW”! I hope to not Red.

(Added variations: Beige means “I’m bored/speed it up.” Black means “headspace trouble; check with me.” Orange means “I’m getting close to done.”)

– Conclusion

I hope this answers a lot of your questions. If you have any more, please ask.

Reminder: This will be my first abduction, so I do not know how I will react or how long I will last.

Hopefully this will be a lot of fun and a scene I am never going to forget.

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