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The Horny Butterfly —

~ a kinky fairy tale ~ In the shade of a pop up tent, just outside her cabin, laid a beautiful naked girl. Spread out on a purple and black rug, she lounged, enjoying the warm air and slight breeze. As she lazed, relaxing in her non-clothes-wearing-ness, only one thing was amiss. What she wanted, […]

Anxious —

“Boring and more sedate is good for you.” – DocAs he read off the characteristics, one-by-one, I wanted to laugh. There I was in black and white. Well, actually he was reading off of his e-Reader, so maybe black and beige. But still… At the start of our session today, I asked Doc to talk […]

Leather, Sex, and Cars —

~ a dream ~My eyes opened slowly, the fog of sleep clinging to me like a wet blanket. Had someone come in? I wasn’t sure. When my eyes did more than peek open, the first thing I saw was black. It was a matte black, and I noticed at once that it was leather. My lids […]

For Me —

~ a dark thought ~ “I’m not answering your questions. Your questions are juvenile, amateur, rude. No, I will not answer your questions.” “Fine, then can you just tell me why. Why did you do it? Why? And to so many…” “Now, that is a question I will answer. It was… the sounds. “For me, well, I’m a […]

Fall —

~ a story ~ “Fall.”“No!”“What are you afraid of?”“Falling!” I stood at the top of the diving platform, daring to look over the edge. The pool looked much smaller from up there, a Dixie cup I was attempting to not miss. “Mer, just jump. You’ll love it!”“Shut up, Pike! I don’t need your encouragement.” What […]

Please —

~ erotica ~ “Please.” One word, one syllable, one breath was full of me, full of my eagerness, full of my crazy manic lust for him. “Please.” It was all I could say, the only word needed to convey all I wanted, needed, desired in that moment. “Please.” Even with ropes around my torso, my […]

Drunk Qualities —

~ erotica ~ I dropped her off at the front, swung around the back, and parked the car. In my rear view, before I made my turn, I could see her stumbling up our front stairs. She was drunk. I was her ride. And, well, her roommate. Once parked, I gingerly walked to the front and […]

Good Session —

“I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but you really are clever. You do these really good things, but then you always find a way to put yourself down… How about you instead use your cleverness to find humor in how your brain twists the good you’ve done.” – DocThis past Tuesday […]

In Praise Of Cock —

To say I’ve been horny lately seems like an understatement. For the past few weeks, all I can think about is sex. And play. And fucking. But especially… cock. I love cock. Yes, I am pansexual and pussy is a beautiful thing, but I cannot deny my love for cock. I’ve missed sucking cock. I’ve […]

ASA: Field Trip —

“TNG.”I gave him a questioning look.“The Next Generation.”“You mean like Star Trek?”“No.” It was Friday, 5:15pm again. This time when I stepped up to his door there was no pensive waiting, no pacing. I simply gave a quiet knock. Mr. Ebon beckoned my entrance, and I sat on top of the desk as before. My […]